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Title: Challenging Situation: Seeking Ex-Husband’s Passport Information for Child’s New Passport

In this scenario, I find myself in a difficult situation where my ex-husband, with whom I share two children, is refusing to provide me with his passport number for our oldest child’s new passport. The passport for our older child has expired, and as my husband, both children, our shared child, and I are planning a holiday next year, I decided to address the passport issue promptly to avoid any potential backlog.

Background Details:
I must clarify that I did inform my ex-husband about my intentions of taking the children on holiday, and he did not express any objections. In fact, I took the children away on a vacation last year as well, and it was not a problem for him. However, now that our son requires his father’s details for obtaining a new passport, my ex-husband is asserting that he is not obligated to provide me with that information. Additionally, he made a sarcastic comment about spending money on a holiday during child overlapping support (COS) proceedings. I reassured him that I have no interest in his personal information and simply need the necessary details to acquire our son’s passport.

Attempts to Resolve the Issue:
To address the situation and reach a reasonable resolution, I proposed a compromise to my ex-husband. I offered to bring the required paperwork to our next exchange, allowing him to fill it out privately and seal the envelope before posting it himself. Unfortunately, he remains unwavering in his refusal to cooperate.

The Dilemma:
Given the circumstances, it is important to note that the passport application form does not provide an option to refuse furnishing details. As my ex-husband’s information is on our son’s birth certificate, and he has legal rights and contact with our child, I am unwilling to provide false information on official documents.

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  • TheBigBad888

    Have you called the passport office for advice? IÔÇÖm sure this wouldnÔÇÖt be the first time this has happened. There will be a procedure in place.

  • sinkydoodles

    DonÔÇÖt worry bout it, my kids dad is on the birth cert and is nowhere to be found so couldnÔÇÖt enter his info. Just explain to them heÔÇÖs refusing to cooperate and it shouldnÔÇÖt hold anything up


  • No-Advertising1002

    If you do it online I don’t think you need parents details for a child’s renewal?

  • WaltzFirm6336

    Given the amount of time you have before you go, it might be worth putting in the application without the fatherÔÇÖs details/passport number.

    As others have said, it canÔÇÖt be an uncommon problem, not least because not all adults have a passport. So there is a chance it might just be fine.

  • Ill_Ambassador417

    When i applied for my kids passports last year we only had to give my wifes passport details. Dont forget that not everyone has a passport so in this case cant you just assume he has no passport.

  • Fellowes321

    The renewal site doesnÔÇÖt say you need it. Just their old passport.

    For new passports it just says to state why you dont have all the information.


  • Scrafgar

    You don’t need his passport number. Put as much in as you know. Its only important when first establishing nationality.

    NAL but II worked for the passport office for several years.

  • shamwowguyisalegend

    Send the application in with the father’s details you know, as the mother you hold PR and should be able to renew without a hassle.

    So long as you were named “parent one” on the full birth certificate there shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Karlbert86

    WouldnÔÇÖt you be able to use his dads birth certificate instead of his dads passport?

    If so you can get the birth certificate from the GRO:

    If you donÔÇÖt know the GRO reference index number (unlikely anyone would know this haha ­ƒÿà) or enough information about your ex husband to obtain his birth certificate from then GRO then you can use FreeBMD: to search for his reference index*

    *not sure if this applies for Scottish birth certificates though, but worth a try. GRO should be able to post the birth certificate straight to HMPO too. Just give GRO the passport application ID

  • Top_Presentation3429

    Even for a first passport you don’t need his passport number as long as you are a British citizen. Your child can derive a right for British nationality through you alone. I had the exact same problem with my eldest. I just filled out the form with my passport number and included a note to say the other parent could not be contacted for his passport number and she was issued a passport no problem.

  • Florae128

    You could submit the application anyway and see what happens, but ultimately this may need a court order.

    Is there an existing court order about sharing time/responsibility etc?

  • Hairy_Inevitable9727

    Unfortunately you may have to get a court order so it is good that you a getting organised early.

    Definitely speak to the passport office as it is not just his PN you need it is also his permission which he is refusing and as he has parental responsibility they wonÔÇÖt issue it without it or a court order.

    He may cave with a solicitors letter as otherwise this will cost him as it seems unlikely you would not be allowed to get a passport or go on holiday.

  • Arbourous

    I got a passport no problem without knowing those details. I just left them off, no questions asked.

  • unlocklink

    Try sending it without the passport details, but if it is returned you will need to speak to a solicitor, try a letter first, warning you’ll go to court if he doesn’t respond…then if he doesn’t, then you’ll need to apply for a “specific issue order” in family court, asking that the court compel him to provide the information required

  • TRDPorn

    I’m baffled as to why this would be necessary

    It isn’t legally required to have a passport so what would happen if your ex husband didn’t have one?

  • clarky7787

    Surely you could just treat it as a ÔÇ£lostÔÇØ passport, you wouldnÔÇÖt need the previous number then

  • kronikler

    Just don’t put it in. Put his name/DOB and as long as your details are on there you’ll be fine, especially if it’s a renewal.

    He doesn’t need to give permission for it to be issued either, only 1 parent is needed.

  • LAcasper

    Apparently my grandparents had issues getting me a passport when I was little as there was barely any parental information and they asked the local MP to step in. I don’t know how useful this would be for you but it might be another avenue

  • Actual-Butterfly2350

    I had this issue. I left it blank and enclosed a note saying father refusing to give details. It was fine, they granted it.

  • Acceptable_Bunch_586

    Speak to the post office, they have a fast track service for passport renewals and if you find one that does this (not all do but you can see which do on their website) they will prob be able to give some advice

  • Alert-Ad-2743

    I am in a profession where I apply for passports on behalf of families and often they are unable to provide all the details. Just write a letter stating the facts as you know them and that you are unable to provide the information.
    This will likely be enough.

  • Cantseemtothrowaway

    I had a similar situation and simply wrote a letter which I enclosed with the application explaining that I could not obtain the details. The passport was issued with no problems.

    You might, however have an issue when you actually want to travel abroad as you require permission from everybody with PR unless there is a child arrangement order in place, or a court order giving permission.

  • Some-Magazine2986

    When you say he refuses to give “his” passport number – do you mean his (the father) or his (the son)?

  • thelongdrivehom

    I got a passport for my Daughter this week, I had a similar situation and only put my passport number on it and it went through just fine.

  • Coconutprawns

    sounds like he’s being difficult for the sake of it unless there’s more to the story than is being let on, however have you asked your child to ask their dad, if the problem is with you and not them? I don’t advocate bringing the child into it but it will be alot harder for him explaining to your child why he is the reason they possibly cant go on holiday, as your ex I presume there some resentment to you but not your child (hopefully).

  • jasilucy

    CanÔÇÖt you bring your child to the passport office to prove who he is?

  • Johnhfcx

    It may be good enough to get an affidavit. Which is a legal document, you can get from a local solicitor.

  • peekachou

    You shouldn’t need it to renew an expired one and usually you only need the mothers info for it to get a new one, when my husband tried to get one last year he had all the details from his dad but none from his mum and they said they don’t accept forms with only dads details on, they only needed his mother’s. In the end we applied for her birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificates as proof for him, they didn’t care about the dads details at all

  • fizzypopx

    Hey OP, NAL but got my childrenÔÇÖs first passports literally this week. Their dad is on their birth certificates and has contact but I genuinely have no idea if he currently has a passport so clicked the ÔÇÿdonÔÇÖt knowÔÇÖ button. I had to send the kidsÔÇÖ birth certificates plus one from either me or their dad. I sent my birth cert in and both their passports came back with no issues so there will definitely be a workaround.

  • Negative-Version-301

    Just renew online, you only need the child’s passport

  • ThdClickk

    As someone how has worked in a passport office I seen this a lot more than expected from parents not willing to give over details but it isn’t really an issue if they have already have a passport. The only reason it is asked for as we liked as many details as possible to help with the processing process. The more details the quicker it gets done is normally how it goes, but you have plenty of time it seems so just advise that you don’t have or dont know the details