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## Blue Flame Restaurant Closes After 68 Years in Jefferson Hills

Jefferson Hills, Pa. (KDKA) – The Blue Flame Restaurant, a local favorite in Jefferson Hills for over six decades, closed its doors on Sunday, leaving behind a trail of cherished memories. The restaurant had been a staple in the community, serving customers for 68 years before deciding to shut down.

Jessica George Elder, who has been a part of the restaurant since childhood, bid farewell to her family’s establishment after working there for 30 years. Her bond with the restaurant goes back to her infancy, making it a place she holds dear to her heart.

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“I’d get to see my dad all the time. My mom and I would come in,” Elder fondly reminisced. She began working at the Jefferson Hills spot 17 years ago, finding herself drawn back to the place time and again. The closure of the restaurant marks the end of an era for Elder, who considers the establishment her home away from home.

Jennifer George, the wife of one of the owners, cited the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic as a significant factor in the decision to close the business. The difficulties in hiring and staffing, coupled with the evolving business landscape, made it increasingly arduous to sustain operations.

While bidding farewell to Blue Flame Restaurant is a poignant moment, Elder described it as “bittersweet,” acknowledging the significance of moving forward while cherishing the memories created over the years. For loyal customers like Paula Schwartz, who has frequented the restaurant since childhood, the closure represents the end of an era.

Paula Schwartz, now in her 70s, expressed her sorrow, stating, “Next Sunday, when I wake up, I’ll be really sad.” The restaurant served as a familial gathering spot where generations created lasting memories and enjoyed hearty meals together.

In the wake of the closure, the owners have sold the space to a new owner who plans to open another restaurant, ensuring that the legacy of the Blue Flame Restaurant lives on in a new form. As the community reflects on the loss of this iconic establishment, they look toward the future with a blend of nostalgia and anticipation for what lies ahead.

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