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Uncertainty about the future contributes to a decline in new permanent placements

According to a recent poll conducted on 400 recruitment agencies, the uncertainty surrounding the future has resulted in a decrease in new permanent placements. This decline comes amidst a wave of redundancies and ongoing hiring freezes experienced by many companies.

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Employers are currently hesitant to hire new permanent staff due to concerns about the UK’s economic outlook. The poll of 400 recruitment agencies revealed that 43% experienced a decrease in permanent hires in the month of July, marking the fastest decline in new recruits in three years.

The research, conducted by KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), indicates that these declines are occurring amid “frequent reports” of redundancies and ongoing hiring freezes at numerous companies.

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Furthermore, the survey identified an increase in the number of available job candidates, while total vacancies experienced the slowest growth rate in 29 months. Claire Warnes, a representative of KPMG, compared the survey results to the current summer weather, stating that the economic outlook is presently uncertain. Recruiters have reported that clients are still hesitant to commit to permanent hires due to this uncertainty, resulting in the steepest decline in placements since June 2020.

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Warnes further explains that businesses are still freezing hiring, leading to some redundancies and a larger pool of candidates for recruiters to choose from. Nevertheless, the slow growth in the number of available vacancies suggests an imbalance between supply and demand.

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The survey also revealed that salaries for those who were able to secure new permanent jobs have “rose sharply.” This can be attributed to the competition for skilled candidates and the rising cost of living.

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Neil Carberry, the chief executive of the REC, recognizes that while the jobs market remains fairly robust with rising vacancies and pay, there is a sense that the economy requires further growth to sustain this positive trend. He attributes the slowdown in permanent hiring to both the normalization following the post-pandemic boom and the prevailing uncertainty.

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