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A Look Ahead: Virginia Tech Football Season Opener

We are officially one week away from the highly anticipated Virginia Tech football team kicking off their 2023 season at home on Sept. 2 at 8 p.m. against Old Dominion. With last season’s disappointing 3-8 record, second-year coach Brent Pry is eager to lead the team to a stronger performance this year. Despite the challenges, there is optimism that the Hokies can surpass their previous three-win total with Pry’s guidance.

In this edition of Virginia Tech News, there are several exciting announcements worth noting. Additionally, we highlight a remarkable milestone reached by the Hokies’ soccer coach and discuss the recent performance of the men’s soccer team.

Pry Announces 2023 Football Captains

On Wednesday, Coach Pry delivered unfortunate news regarding senior tight end Nick Gallo, who will be sidelined for an undisclosed period due to an injury. However, on a positive note, Pry soon revealed the names of the captains chosen for this season. The 2023 football captains include Norwell Pollard and Josh Fuga on the defensive line, Nasir Peoples as safety, Grant Wells as quarterback, offensive lineman Kaden Moore, punter Peter Moore, and Gallo. Kaden Moore and Peter Moore are both juniors, while the rest of the captains are seniors.

Establishing a strong start is crucial for the Hokies as they aim to meet the minimum requirement of six wins to become Bowl-eligible. With promising recruiting efforts and a talented roster, Pry is focused on the present and looks forward to the upcoming game on Saturday night.

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Chuggar Adair Celebrates Impressive Milestone Win

Hokies women’s soccer coach, Chuggar Adair, achieved a significant milestone as he secured his 150th career victory during Thursday’s 3-0 non-conference shutout against James Madison. Since taking the helm in 2011, Adair has transformed the Hokies into a perennial NCAA Tournament team, with nine appearances in the single-elimination tournament within his first 11 seasons in Blacksburg.

The women’s soccer team has made a promising start this season, with two victories over Butler and James Madison and a draw against Indiana. On Sunday, Virginia Tech will travel to Washington, D.C., to face off against Georgetown in another non-conference battle.

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Men’s Soccer Opens Season with a Loss

The Virginia Tech men’s soccer team hoped for a positive start to the 2023 season after enduring a challenging 3-14-1 record in 2022. However, their goals were shattered as they suffered a 4-1 defeat to UCLA at the 2023 Fairfield by Marriott Invitational. Despite Ethan Ballek’s consolation goal in the second half, the Bruins seized the momentum with a goal in the 44th minute just before halftime, ultimately securing victory. The men’s team will have the opportunity to bounce back on Sunday at noon when they face Duquesne University.

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