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I. Introduction

I.1 Background

As a mental health support worker, I have been involved in a challenging case since my company took over the case management of a client about a month ago. This particular client has a history of physical and sexual offenses that were not prosecuted due to his diminished capacity. Although my company is aware of his history, they still decided to take on his case. Additionally, the client has a tendency to fixate on male care workers and has previously attempted inappropriate sexual contact.

II. Personal Experience

II.1 Unwanted Attention

Unfortunately, I became the focus of the client’s affection among the team assigned to him. It started innocently with him expressing a crush on me, but gradually progressed to increasingly inappropriate and aggressive sexual comments. With each instance of such behavior, I made sure to assertively reaffirm boundaries with the client, as instructed by management.

II.2 Lack of Supportive Response

However, despite my efforts to address the situation, the responses from management were disheartening. Their only advice was to reemphasize boundaries, without taking any effective actions to protect my well-being. Moreover, they continued rostering me to work with the client, rationalizing it by saying, “They had no one else, and anyway he really seems to like you.” This response further exacerbates the problem, as it fails to prioritize my safety and overlooks the very issue at hand.

III. Disturbing Incident

III.1 Escalation to Sexual Assault

Recently, during one of my shifts with the client, the situation escalated beyond sexual comments and resulted in a sexual assault. Though the incident could have been worse physically, I am emotionally shaken. I reported the assault following the proper channels, but my manager’s primary concern seemed to be whether I would still continue working with the client, implying potential consequences for my employment.

IV. Lack of Support and Future Concerns

IV.1 Unaddressed Concerns

Regrettably, upper management has not reached out to inquire about my well-being or address the incident. It remains unclear whether the incident was communicated to them or if any steps were taken to prevent such incidents from happening again.

IV.2 Apprehension about Future Shifts

However, the most distressing aspect is that my immediate manager has scheduled me to work four days next week with the same client, three of which I will be alone with him. This situation leaves me feeling incredibly uncomfortable and unsafe as the company seems to prioritize the client’s needs over my own well-being.

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VI. Seeking Advice and Assistance

Given the circumstances, I am reaching out for any advice or support that can help me navigate this situation. Whether it be legal counsel, guidance on workplace protocols, or suggestions on how to assert my rights as an employee, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The incident has left me feeling vulnerable, and I am seeking the appropriate measures to ensure my safety and well-being are prioritized by my employer.

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  • wellwellwellheythere

    I would ring and talk to your union if you have one. Failing that, ring Worksafe. Your employer has a duty to provide a safe working environment for you

  • chocolatehearts

    IÔÇÖve worked in disability in Australia and you need to be firm with management regarding this. Are you causal? Refer to workplace policy when telling them that you donÔÇÖt feel safe around client anymore. If all else fails, contact work safe and possible quit. There are a million jobs in support work in Australia and infinitely better employers. NO CLIENT IS EVER WORTH YOUR SAFETY

  • mchch8989

    Put it all in one email, time and date when you reported the incident etc, copy all the necessary people, include the quote that you were told your hours would be reduced and what else you were told.

    Also hope youÔÇÖre doing a bit better!

  • Lucky_Tough8823

    Employer is failing to ensure a safe working environment. I personally would put my foot down with employer and if they’re unwilling to support you leave for another provider

  • Blackeyehorse

    Definitely call in sick. Please don’t work with this client again. Things could get worse next time. Worse for you and ultimately worse for the client.

    I would talk to the team leader or anyone above your manger. And a counsellor.

  • Weekly-Warthog3135

    Your employer has an obligation to ensure your safety at work and manage risks/hazards. They also have a positive duty to prevent instances of harassment of any form.

    They have breached their obligation and the suggestion that you should be okay to continue to be exposed to this after being sexually assaulted is horrible.

    Please contact WorkSafe, fair work and your GP. Get a certificate of capacity from you gp and Lodge a WC claim.

  • BaysideWoman

    Legislation has changed recently. All employers must show that they are actively providing support against psychological harm of their workers. For our organisation that is providing a confidential counselling service for our staff to access. We dont get any details about the sessions. Your workplace should have something similar. It sounds like you have reported the incidents. Does the person you support have any kind of positive behaviour support plan? Have you been trained in de escalating strategies?
    Can you talk with your own doctor about the level of stress you are feeling in regard to supporting this person. If you discuss with someone senior in your workplace about the psychological harm you are experiencing, then they should look at rostering with another client

  • m_is_for_michael

    I’m so sorry that happened to you.

    Have you made a police report?

  • zanymeltdown

    My immediate thought is to call in sick for a week. Have someone else make a complaint as well and go to management together.

    If you dont want to do that, can you speak to upper management about the rostering? Is it possible to share care of a patient or is it usually you get the same patient a lot? As in, are they dumping the client on only one carer so they avoid multiple staff complaints?

    Things like this are not an issue for management until you make it their problem, which is why I suggested to just not be there. Then they have to deal with it another way somehow

  • GoldenShoes19

    Fairwork and workers comp for mental health leave. I would absolutely refuse to work with that client and they have breached their duty of care to you to I would also be putting in complaints higher up

  • Humble-Constant-6536

    They have a duty of care.

    Go to your gp and get stress leave from work if you need it.


  • Rush-23

    Your management are spineless. Refuse to work with this client again. The fact they have ÔÇ£no one elseÔÇØ is not a you problem. Put yourself first.

  • veng6

    Union for sure first they will be your best bet, doesn’t even matter if your not a member usually you can just sign up and get help. Tbh tho they don’t care about us carers much so couldn’t say if there would be much you could do

  • noplacecold

    Jesus thatÔÇÖs fucked. I work with people with disabilities and understand diminished capacity etc. but your management needs to deal with this. Union first if you have one

  • Ambitious_Staff_8067

    The Police!

  • Mel01v

    You need to talk to police

  • mitch_conner_

    Call work safe

  • rossfororder

    Straight up this is fucked, you need to stand your ground and say no, get it all in writing. Your work is not ensuring a safe work place, which is a big fucking no no under the WHS legislation. Things like this are covered by it. Talk to your union and ot worksafe. Also if you have a union rep and or hsr you need to raise it with them.

    Good luck, you don’t deserve this

  • gossipfag

    See your doctor and enquire about work over for psychological trauma

  • Nicola162

    Contact Fair Work or the Australian Human Rights Commission regarding workplace sexual harassment. They will give you guidance and support on how to deal with this, which your employer should be doing.

  • Pollyputthekettle1

    Personally I would ask your manager for the contact details of head office. No doubt theyÔÇÖll ask why. Just tell them youÔÇÖd like to discuss being put into a harmful situation with a customer who has already sexually assaulted you, and the threat that youÔÇÖll have no job if you donÔÇÖt accept it. IÔÇÖd say that I want to hear what they say before making your complaint to fair work. I bet it either gets sorted without you even needing to contact head office then (although I still would) it they will come down on your manager.

  • snakeIs

    What type of place do you work in? People donÔÇÖt ÔÇ£not get prosecuted because of diminished incapacityÔÇØ.

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