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Introduction: Establishment of the Wilbur C. Henderson Real Estate Institute at Drexel University

Gerri LeBow Hall

Wilbur C. Henderson Real Estate Institute: A $10 Million Gift from the Henderson Foundation

With a $10 million donation from the Wilbur C. and Betty Lea Henderson Foundation, Drexel University is establishing the Wilbur C. Henderson Real Estate Institute in the Bennett S. LeBow College of Business. This significant contribution will further the university’s commitment to utilizing real estate development as a means of civic engagement and training professionals in the industry to incorporate sustainability, equity, and inclusion in their work. The establishment of this institute honors the legacy of Wilbur C. Henderson, Jr., a Drexel alumnus, World War II veteran, former Drexel trustee, community leader, and influential figure in real estate development.

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Facilitating the Advancement of Equitable Development: Impact and Significance of the Gift

The generous donation from the Henderson Foundation will not only enable Drexel University to educate the next generation of socially responsible real estate practitioners and leaders, but it will also enhance the university’s capacity and thought leadership to promote equitable development in cities. Drexel President John Fry expressed deep gratitude for the transformative gift and highlighted its potential to foster cultural, economic, and environmental wellness in communities.

Supported by industry leaders, the Wilbur C. Henderson Real Estate Institute will serve as a research, teaching, and outreach hub, connecting faculty, students, and professionals. This interdisciplinary approach brings together theory and practice to shape a modern vision for the real estate industry, centered on community, resilience, and equity.

Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Modern Challenges in Urban Real Estate

The Henderson Real Estate Institute, guided by the LeBow College, will collaborate with various departments across Drexel University, including Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Media Arts & Design, Entrepreneurship, Urban Innovation, and other partnering entities. This comprehensive approach aims to address pressing issues faced by the urban real estate sector, such as hybrid work impacts, supply chain disruptions, regulatory uncertainties, climate change, energy concerns, and affordable housing needs, among others.

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Promoting Thought Leadership and Interdisciplinary Pedagogy

Under the guidance of Vibhas Madan, the dean of the LeBow College of Business, the Henderson Real Estate Institute will foster a sense of societal commitment and develop mindful leaders in real estate and related fields. Drexel’s influential role in business education and community engagement in Philadelphia will continue to generate support for the West Philadelphia community, leading to improved funding for schools and small businesses.

Through the Institute’s impactful programming, leveraging academic resources from diverse disciplines within the university, students will address a wide array of challenges. These challenges include the impact of climate change on property design, how automation and big data revolutionize real estate practices, and the evolving nature of buying, selling, managing, and utilizing real estate resources.

Experiential Learning and Community Engagement

The Henderson Foundation’s gift will provide valuable experiential learning opportunities for Drexel students. It will establish a fund for students to directly engage in property investments and development analysis, including co-investing with the university and its partners. Additionally, a seed fund will kickstart innovative projects in the real estate field. The Institute will also organize case competitions, panel discussions, networking events, and provide resources for professional certifications and career counseling.

Furthermore, in line with Wilbur C. Henderson’s commitment to community enhancement, the Institute will encourage student participation in projects focused on improving West Philadelphia. Collaborating with the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation and the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships, these initiatives will enable students to actively contribute to community development.

Director Recruitment and Future Initiatives

In preparation for its formal opening in 2024, Drexel University will initiate a national search to recruit a director for the Wilbur C. Henderson Real Estate Institute. This director will play a critical role in shaping the Institute’s mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

Overall, the Wilbur C. Henderson Real Estate Institute supported by the Henderson Foundation’s generous gift will propel Drexel University as a leader in real estate education and community engagement. Through AI legalese decoder, the Institute can harness the power of artificial intelligence to simplify complex legal language, ensuring transparency and enhancing accessibility for all stakeholders involved in real estate transactions.

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