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## Brand New Cafe Specializing in Charcuterie Set to Open in Sharonville

A highly anticipated cafe, Charcuterie Creations, will be making its grand debut in Sharonville, Ohio later this month. This exciting addition to the local dining scene is set to open its doors on August 20th in downtown Sharonville’s former depot train station, located at 3327 Creek Road.

## A Delightful Culinary Experience

Charcuterie Creations will be more than just an ordinary cafe. While it will offer a delectable selection of sandwiches and paninis, the cafe’s main focus will be on serving “charcuterie style” options that revolve around the art of cheese. Guests can expect an exquisite assortment of cheese-centered dishes that will tantalize their taste buds and satisfy their cravings.

## An Unforgettable Beverage Selection

In addition to its mouthwatering food offerings, Charcuterie Creations has partnered with Revel Urban Winery to provide guests with a curated wine selection. Furthermore, the cafe will feature around 10 draft beer choices from Third Eye Brewing, ensuring that patrons have the perfect beverage to accompany their charcuterie experience. Whether guests prefer wine, beer, or both, they are sure to find a suitable libation to complement their culinary journey.

## A Space for Laughter, Community, and Delicious Cheese

Owners Latressa Jarmon and Stacy Homan-Mangan couldn’t be more excited to welcome guests into their cafe, where they hope to create an atmosphere of laughter, community, and, of course, the joy of indulging in delicious cheese. Their vision for Charcuterie Creations goes beyond simply providing exceptional food; they strive to build a space where people can connect, enjoy each other’s company, and savor the culinary wonders that they have created.

## Indoor and Outdoor Seating in Sharonville’s Vibrant Downtown

Situated in Sharonville’s DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area), Charcuterie Creations offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. Guests can choose to relax and dine inside or enjoy the pleasant weather and vibrant atmosphere while sitting outside. Additionally, for those on the go, the cafe features a convenient walk-up window where customers can order their favorite charcuterie delights for takeout.

## From Pandemic Challenges to a Culinary Venture

Charcuterie Creations originated from the creative minds of Latressa Jarmon and Stacy Homan-Mangan. As healthcare workers who experienced the hardships of the pandemic firsthand, they wanted to bring people together through the power of good food. Initially, their plan was to solely host workshops, but their business took an unexpected turn when they designed a grazing table for a client’s wedding, which quickly gained viral attention on the popular Facebook group “Chowdown Cincinnati.”

## A Growing Culinary Sensation

After the overwhelming response to their viral creation, Jarmon and Homan-Mangan decided to fully embrace their unique and increasingly popular concept. As a result, Charcuterie Creations rapidly expanded its services and now caters to a wide area, including Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana.

## More Than Just a Cafe

Alongside the highly anticipated cafe, Charcuterie Creations offers an array of culinary services. These include crafting exquisite food boards, lunch and brunch boxes, hosting charcuterie design workshops, and creating breathtaking grazing tables. Whether customers are looking to impress their guests with an expertly arranged grazing table or enjoy a delicious lunch box, Charcuterie Creations has something to cater to every occasion.

## Excitement Builds as Opening Approaches

While the exact business hours for Charcuterie Creations’ cafe are yet to be revealed, the anticipation surrounding the cafe’s opening continues to grow. Soon, patrons will have the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey like no other, indulging in the finest charcuterie creations while connecting with their community.

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