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**New Cyber Health Check Program for Small and Medium Businesses**

A new initiative is underway to provide small and medium businesses with a cyber health check program. This program will allow these businesses to undergo a free assessment of their security measures, helping them to identify and address any vulnerabilities that may exist within their cyber infrastructure.

**Government Funding for Cyber Security Strategy**

The federal government has committed $7.2 million to implement this voluntary program as part of the Australian Cyber Security Strategy, which is set to span from 2023 to 2030. This significant investment underscores the government’s dedication to enhancing cybersecurity measures across the nation, particularly within the small and medium business sector.

**Enhanced Support and Education Materials**

In addition to the free assessment, businesses will have access to education materials aimed at upskilling their employees and strengthening their overall cybersecurity. This will empower these businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively protect themselves from potential cyber threats.

**Tailored Assessments for Higher-Risk Businesses**

Businesses deemed to carry a higher risk will also have the opportunity to access a more sophisticated, third-party assessment. This tailored approach ensures that businesses facing greater cybersecurity challenges receive the support and resources necessary to address their specific needs.

**Further Support for Small Business Cyber Resilience**

An additional $11 million will be allocated towards the small business cyber resilience service. This service will provide personalized assistance to Australia’s 2.5 million small businesses, assisting them in navigating challenges and recovering from cyber attacks.

**Government Commitment to Cyber Resilience By 2030**

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil emphasized the government’s commitment to establishing Australia as a world-leading cyber secure and resilient nation by 2030. This vision underscores the importance of providing ongoing support and resources to businesses in order to strengthen the nation’s overall cybersecurity landscape.

**Government Outreach and Support for Small Businesses**

Small Business Minister Julie Collins reiterated the government’s dedication to supporting small businesses, recognizing that they form the foundation of the digital economy. The government aims to place small businesses at the center of their efforts to address cyber security threats and bolster their cyber capabilities to build a more robust Australia.

**Cyber Shields to Enhance Business Protections**

The cyber strategy is underpinned by six ‘cyber shields’, which will provide businesses with enhanced protections and assist them in recovering more efficiently in the event of a cyber attack. These shields serve as a proactive measure to safeguard businesses and minimize the impact of potential cybersecurity incidents.

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