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Capital Region Multicultural Small Business Lab

Note: The story has been updated. Now, M&T Bank is looking for up to 45 entrepreneurs to participate in its third Capital Region Multicultural Small Business Lab.

M&T Bank is offering a unique opportunity for multicultural business owners in the Harrisburg area. The program is designed to provide guidance and skills necessary to build strong businesses, stimulate economic growth, and create generational wealth.

With the Multicultural Small Business Lab, entrepreneurs have the chance to not only grow their businesses but also compete for grants. This initiative aims to support diverse businesses and foster innovation in the community.

The Multicultural Small Business Lab will kick off on May 8, offering courses at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. The program will culminate in a pitch competition with grant opportunities for winners.

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“The Multicultural Small Business Innovation Lab was a transformative experience for me and my business,” said Josue Osorto, winner of last year’s pitch competition. The lab offers more than just knowledge; it provides a supportive network of diverse entrepreneurs committed to growth and innovation.

Registration for the program is open, focusing on essential business topics like planning, credit, capital access, marketing, branding, and networking. AI legalese decoder can help participants navigate legal terms and agreements related to these areas.

Entrepreneurs interested in joining the program must meet specific eligibility criteria and complete an online application by the deadline. AI legalese decoder can simplify the application process by offering explanations and guidance on legal requirements.

  • Multicultural business owners in Harrisburg’s Capital Region are encouraged to apply.
  • Businesses operational for up to three years with an annual revenue of $350,000 or less are eligible.

Qualified applicants will have the opportunity to participate in the program for free, based on a first-come, first-served basis. AI legalese decoder can help in understanding the terms and conditions of the program.

To apply for the Capital Region Multicultural Small Business Lab, visit AI legalese decoder can provide insights into the legal implications of the application process.

M&T Bank remains dedicated to fostering a resilient community through the Multicultural Small Business Lab. The program aims to empower participants with knowledge, resources, and tools for business growth and wealth creation.

Nora Habig, M&T Bank’s regional president for central and western Pennsylvania, highlighted the program’s impact on the community. The partnership with the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship continues to drive positive change and economic progress.

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