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# Situation at Clinic in Florida

I live in Florida and I’m above the age of 18. Recently, I visited a clinic for my usual treatment. However, things took a turn when the person prescribing me medication had concerns about my medication regimen. Despite explaining that the medication was the only one that works for me, she suggested I go to a crisis care facility for closer monitoring.

## Challenges Faced at the Clinic

The crisis care facility brought back unpleasant memories of my previous experience there when I was under 18. It felt like a minimum security prison where personal belongings were taken away and I was left staring at concrete walls. I stood my ground and insisted on sticking to my current medication as it was the only one that had shown positive results in managing my condition.

Despite my protests, I was forcibly detained at the facility against my will for about a week. This violation of my free will left me feeling frustrated and helpless, especially when the facility didn’t even have the necessary medication I needed.

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  • Oodles_of_noodles_

    OP, if I had to guess, the arguing got loud and out of hand if people were looking scared. It’s possible it was worse than it seemed to you if they were able to monitor you for a few days in a facility.

    It is so important with this medication to do the bloodwork and continue on it without breaks.

  • KoolAidMan4444

    A lot more information is needed, such as what kind of medication, what specific kind of place this was, how loud you were, your prior diagnosis , and more. Im sorry for your trouble there.

  • ImNotYourAlexa

    This is not legal advice but I’m a pharmacist working in Florida. First, you’re describing a Baker Act. There must have been some kind of indication that you were a threat to yourself or others for them to place you under a Baker Act. You not complying with blood work is not an indication for a Baker Act and it cannot be used as a punitive measure, there has to be clear evidence to support the decision.

    Second, in terms of the clozapine. This is a very serious medication, as someone said above it’s a last line agent for schizophrenia, sometimes bipolar. It’s very effective but has very strict monitoring requirements. You have to have blood work done weekly for the first 6 months, then every other week for the next 6 months, and then monthly for the rest of the time you’re on the medication. This is all because clozapine use could lead to a potentially life-threatening condition called agranulocytosis, so your neutrophil count needs to be monitored to prevent that from happening. If you miss two or more days of doses, you have to re-titrate the medication. All of this to say, if you are unable to comply with the blood work or worried you’ll miss more than 2 days at a time, you should look into a different medication. There are long-acting injectable antipsychotics now that you only need to get every 2 weeks, month, 3 months or even 6 months depending on the drug.

  • wotsname123

    This could be legal if it complied with local mental health legislation. You should have been given paperwork if you were detained under such legislation. Have you asked for that?

  • igwbuffalo

    Welcome to Florida where a baker act is a legal mental health crisis hold against your will and completely legal.

  • FunPraline4141

    Yes most definitely. From what you’ve stated you explicitly told them no I do not want to go. They didn’t give the medication necessary for the stay and violated your civil rights. Even if you’re a paranoid schizophrenic with psycho effective disorder you have rights..