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### MN. 3 Children Ages 6, 5, 2 – Joint Legal/Physical Custody

MN. 3 children ages 6, 5, 2 are under joint legal/physical custody arrangements. The split of responsibilities and finances for the children is currently divided based on percentages per pictures – with the father having 66% and the mother 34%. It is important to note that the father’s income of $66,000 may not accurately reflect his actual earnings since he is self-employed.

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### Change in Child Support Arrangements

A recent development on 1/28/24 saw the parenting consultant awarding the father an additional 4 overnights per month, resulting in a 50/50 split of overnights between the parents. Subsequently, the father promptly filed for a child support modification, which, according to the MN child support calculator, would lower his support payment to $295 per month. This has significant financial implications for the mother, who currently receives $1,016 per month in child support.

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### Financial Situation and Support Needs

The mother, who is currently employed full-time as a medical assistant and pursuing further education to increase her earning potential, is concerned about the financial impact of the proposed child support modification. With a take-home pay of $2,500 per month, she relies on assistance programs for medical care and food benefits to support her children. The father, on the other hand, resides in a rent-free home provided by a family member.

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  • EndlessCrisis

    Him having a free house and a wealthy family are irrelevant whats relevant is income and overnights.

    So the chances a judge will deviate that far considering he has 50/50 are not high at all. You should be worried when you start making more than him because youÔÇÖll pay him.

  • Acceptable_Branch588

    You expenses are not calculated. Income is all that matters as well as parenting time.

  • Cubsfantransplant

    You use the childcare for your 2nd on your time, he can pay full price for the other one. I noticed you didnÔÇÖt include financial aid in your income, which of course doesnÔÇÖt count in the cs calculation, but neither does food stamps and daycare assistance.

  • [deleted]

    I would argue that if he wonÔÇÖt let you use the subsidy, he should pay the difference. A judge would probably agree with that. You qualify because you canÔÇÖt afford it. If he wants to choose something different, that should financially be on him.

    Also, whatever the new ordered amount is, you can take it to social services and recalculate your snap payments.

    Those two changes alone would make up a few hundred of the difference at least.

  • Healthy-Prompt771

    Challenge his daycare decision, if child support is being substantially lowered itÔÇÖs fair to switch child care providers. Or ask him to pay all child care for that child.

  • Ok_Neighborhood5832

    I mean, I canÔÇÖt see the reasoning for the judge to deviate. Not saying itÔÇÖs not hard, but likely you will owe him when your pay increases. But even until then, what is the argument for deviating? Other than you ÔÇ£needingÔÇØ it. He could/ would say the same thing and the children are with you an equal amount of time.

  • Fun_Organization3857

    You should be able to challenge his report of his income.