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## California Judge Recommends Disbarment of Attorney John Eastman

A California judge has recommended that conservative attorney John Eastman be disbarred in the state due to his involvement in developing a legal strategy to support President Donald Trump’s efforts to remain in power following his loss in the 2020 election.

The recommendation was made by State Bar Court of California Judge Yvette Roland in a 128-page ruling issued on Wednesday. According to the ruling, Eastman’s law license will be placed on “involuntary inactive” status three days after the ruling unless appealed. The California Supreme Court will make a final decision on the matter. In addition to the disbarment recommendation, Roland also suggested that Eastman pay $10,000 in monetary sanctions to the State Bar of California Client Security Fund.

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Roland’s ruling emphasized that the disciplinary action against Eastman was not influenced by his political views or representation of President Trump. Rather, it was based on what the court deemed as serious ethical violations deserving of significant professional consequences.

### Attorney’s Response and legal Challenges

Eastman’s attorney, Randy Miller, defended his client’s actions by asserting that Eastman’s legal analysis post-election was grounded in established legal principles, past presidential elections, constitutional research, and extensive scholarly materials.

Miller maintained that Eastman’s approach to the legal issues at hand was standard practice for lawyers who are obligated to vigorously advocate for their clients. He expressed confidence that the Review Court would address any concerns regarding the impact of the disciplinary decision on lawyer-client advocacy.

Eastman, known for his participation in the rally preceding the Capitol riot in January 2021, faced multiple disciplinary charges tied to allegations of devising a legal strategy for Trump to challenge the election results unlawfully. While most charges were upheld, one was dismissed by the court.

### Ongoing legal Troubles for Eastman

Apart from the disbarment proceedings in California, Eastman, a former law school dean, is involved in other legal issues pertaining to election interference. He is currently facing criminal charges in Georgia for allegedly conspiring with Trump and his associates to manipulate the 2020 election outcome in the state. Additionally, Eastman is linked to an election interference case brought by the Justice Department, although he has not been formally charged in that matter.

As the legal saga continues for John Eastman, his future in the legal profession remains uncertain amidst mounting challenges and controversies.

Jacqueline Alemany and Amy B Wang contributed to this report.

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