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ST. TAMMANY Transfers for Aug. 1-7


MONEY HILL PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, PHASE 9A, LOT 452: $255,000, Money Hill Plantation LLC to Ronald B. Chandler and Julia K. Calloway Chandler.


ALPINE VILLAGE ESTATES, LOT 26A: $62,000, Marcia K. Miller to Jerome Desmortreux and Erica P. Desmortreux.

AMELIA LANE 119: $960,000, Eric D. Parks and Jennifer J. Parks to James W. Knell and Patricia Deem Knell.

BARRINGTON DRIVE 1190: $255,000, DSLD Homes LLC to Marcus Johnson.

BEECH DRIVE 6: $320,000, Shawna Marquette Smith to Vincent E. White and Kimberly Krampert White.

CARROL DRIVE 76078: $142,500, RMTP Trust Series 2021 BKM-TT-V to Daniel R. Robets Jr. and Jessica Roberts.

COVINGTON COTTAGE LANE 312: $288,830, DSLD Homes LLC to George S. Fehn and Earline R. Fehn.

CRESTVIEW HILLS LOOP 75417: $265,000, Michael Boyte and Terry Burnthorn to Janet LeBlanc Wilkinson.

CUSACHS DRIVE 18128: $230,000, Erica Kay Sweeney Glory to Leighton I. Dufrene and Wendy F. Dufrene.

DES BOIS DRIVE 71221: $220,000, Ryan Halvorson to Ronnie W. Fredericks.

DOGWOOD DRIVE 89: $554,000, William L. Treadway IV to Joshua A. King and Malia R. King.

EAGLE LOOP 585: $295,000, Hannah Lund and Margareta Babst to Jabu Waga and Mung Ra Labu.

EMERALD OAKS DRIVE 258, UNIT 9: $215,000, Succession of Iris J. Barkemeyer, Constance Penton, Peggy Chanove, Dennis Barkemeyer and Gary Barkemeyer to Patricia Ann Marks.

GARLAND’S COVINGTON & CLAIBORNE ADDITION SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $12,500, Robert L. Manton and Janet F. Manton to Dominic Luke and Jo Ellen Luke.

LA. 40 19105: $250,000, Kim Koepp Hovey to Martin Velasquez.

I ST. 70461: $251,000, Andrew S. Kirby and Jacqelyn R. Kirby to Karl Schreiner.

J ST. 70531: $212,000, Blake A. Loescher to David Sepulveda Jr.

LAKE TAHOE DRIVE 14471: $239,000, Dominic G. Armantrout and Abigal Benson Armantrout to Alexi Lee Reynolds Aucoin.

LAZY RIVER ESTATES, LOT 79: $40,000, Benjamin B. Matthews III and Barbara Capdevielle Matthews to Chris M. Friloux and Debra W. Friloux.

N. DOGWOOD DRIVE 97: donation, no value stated, Lois Conkerton Sibille to Steven L. Sibille.

N. JEFFERSON AVE. 430: $462,500, Arc of Greater New Orleans to Acorn Partners LLC.

N. THIRD ST. 19468: $338,000, Charlie Rick Investment LLC to Wendy F. Coulton.

PARMA CIRCLE 12312: $260,000, Brooke Davis and Dakota Davis to Matthew Herman.

PINE AIR DRIVE 73060: $270,000, 1206 Chinchuba Creek Property LLC to Jessica Rust.

ROBINDALE SUBDIVISION, LOT 8B, SQUARE 14: $379,900, Jenkins Homes LLC to Nicholas Perry Yatcilla and Sarah E. Yatcilla.

S. TYLER ST. 806: $512,000, Miltenberger Rentals LLC to RWM Inc.

SOLOMON DRIVE 784: $367,000, Ashton L. Stockman and Darci Prescott Stockman to Joseph P. McGuinness and Karen M. McGuinness.

ST. JOHN DIVISION OF COVINGTON SUBDIVISION, LOTS 127, 128, SQUARE 19: $300,000, All About Ox Lot LLC to James E. Schlottman and Gianna Z. Schlottman.

STEEPLE-CHASE ROAD 441: $305,000, Jimmy Dean Bianchini to Brian Hartman Jr. and Madison Hartman.

TALLOW CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1I2, LOT 289: $329,000, Brett J. Kloor and Maureen Breslin Kloor to Tyler Sims Martin.

THETA AVE. 74497: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

THIRD ST. 19468: donation, no value stated, Wendy F. Coulton to Marie E. Gambina.

THIRD ST. 70512: $232,500, Thomas J. Sistrunk to Peter A. Drasutis and Jodie Lord Drasutis.


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