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Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell Stresses Preparedness to Raise Rates Further

Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell emphasized on Friday that the central bank is fully prepared to further raise interest rates in its ongoing efforts to bring inflation back to its target of 2%. Speaking at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium in Jackson, Wyoming, Powell reiterated his message from a year ago, emphasizing the Fed’s determination to combat inflation.

In his speech, Powell highlighted the importance of the Fed’s role in reducing inflation and reassured the markets that the central bank will take the necessary actions to achieve its goal. He stated, “It is the Fed’s job to bring inflation down to our 2 percent goal, and we will do so.”

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Powell Presents Two Potential Paths for Interest Rates

In contrast to expectations of lowering interest rates due to concerns of a US recession earlier in 2023, Powell presented two possibilities for the future trajectory of rates: a flat or higher path. The Fed has already implemented significant policy tightening measures over the past year, and although inflation has slightly decreased, it remains at an undesirable level. Powell stated that the Fed is ready to raise rates further if necessary, aiming for sustainable reduction in inflation towards their 2% target.

Given the economic distortions caused by the ongoing pandemic, Powell highlighted the increasing significance of monetary policy in addressing inflationary pressures. As pandemic-related disruptions ease, the Federal Reserve aims to utilize monetary policy more prominently to bring inflation down to the desired level.

An Unchanged 2% Inflation Target

Powell acknowledged the recent decline in inflation as a positive development but cautioned that additional progress is required. He emphasized that two months of positive data are just the beginning of building confidence that inflation will continue decreasing consistently. Citing core Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) inflation reaching 4.3% in July, Powell underlined the need to monitor underlying inflation’s future trajectory.

Despite some suggestions to change the inflation target, Powell affirmed the Fed’s commitment to the existing 2% goal. Dismissing arguments for a higher inflation target, Powell emphasized sustaining a monetary policy stance that will eventually lower inflation to the established target.

An ‘Incomplete’ Labor Market Adjustment

Powell acknowledged that the strength of the labor market poses challenges to the Federal Reserve in 2023. While the labor market has experienced some rebalancing, it remains incomplete. Powell highlighted improvements in labor supply, which include stronger participation among workers aged 25 to 54 and increased immigration levels. Despite high job openings, the pace of payroll job growth has significantly slowed.

Wage pressures have also moderated, but real wages have started to rise as inflation has eased. These wage increases boost household purchasing power and contribute to positive economic indicators like robust retail sales. Powell noted that the ongoing rebalancing of the labor market is expected to continue, and any signs of tightening could lead to a monetary policy response.

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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