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# Concerns about Package Delivery Service Terms and Conditions

It appears that Luxor One lockers require a $75 annual fee for package delivery. Is this fee legally enforceable? Despite being willing to receive packages at the door, there are doubts about the quality of service provided by Luxor One. Many packages seem to be left on the ground rather than stored in the lockers, raising concerns about security and reliability.

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  • alexmadsen1

    I believe the fee needs to be specified in the lease. Or at minimum they need to specify a mechanism that would require you to get a box. Read the text of your lease carefully.

  • PushThroughThePain

    Is that fee outlined in your lease?

  • SubjectDragonfruit

    Apartment management is following the business model of backend fees, like telephone, cable and airlines. Rent is just a baseline. Everything is extra including the fees that run management. I doubt your locker fee is optional, like my valet trash pickup fee. I’m not even sure what defines rent, anymore.

  • reddituser1211

    Is this provided for in your lease?

  • swoofswoofles

    What city are you located in? You can receive free legal advice from a lawyer in LA if you sign up for the weekly CES tenant clinic. Most of the times I asked tenant questions here I was given the incorrect answer, so I would probably seek a professional opinion. Do you know if your building is subject to rent control?