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### Recourse for Retaliation Termination

The situation I am currently facing involves being terminated a week before a bonus payout. The reason given by my employer was performance concerns. Interestingly enough, just five days before my termination, I was actually awarded for “delivering significant cost savings” and considered a top performer. Additionally, about 8 months ago, I was very vocal on a company survey regarding the lack of equal opportunity and mentorship for females at the corporate office, pay inequality between male and female employees, and favoritism towards male associates (such as SVPs engaging in activities like camping, golfing, and lunches). If females attempted to participate in similar activities with C-level executives, they would be ostracized. It is important to note that I turned 52 last year. I strongly believe that I was terminated because I brought attention to the unequal treatment and gender discrimination within the company.

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### Pursuing EEOC Action

Given the circumstances described, I am considering seeking recourse through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). I am seeking advice and guidance on whether this situation warrants a complaint to the EEOC. Any insights or opinions on the merit of proceeding with EEOC action would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any assistance provided.

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  • Frontdelindepence

    There’s always a potential case. Employer surveys are the worst because in almost every company they know who are completing the surveys. You were targeted as disruptive because you challenged their leadership and pointed out potential legal issues. They tagged you as a whistleblower.

    I would certain consult a lawyer. Their firing does not make sense if 5 days earlier you are being praised for your work performance.

    The downside is that if you pursue case. They will blackball you in your industry and if you are reinstated they will make your life hell but they will be as discreet as possible to avoid another lawsuit.

    That being said, I’d pursue it.

  • Generic_gen

    If you were fired improperly go talk with an Employment lawyer.