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**Concerns with Ticket to Work Program**


I recently discovered that the Vocational Rehab program through my state enrolled me in the Ticket to Work program without my knowledge or consent at the end of January. This program is supposed to help me find a very part-time job, understand the financial benefits and limits of working while on SSDI, and possibly undergo evaluation.

I am now curious about the actual purpose of the Ticket to Work program. My current goal is to work very part-time while earning under $1100 per month. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being on the Ticket to Work program? Are there specific pros and cons associated with being on the program for a certain period of time? Additionally, what issues may arise if I decide to remove myself from the program and then later rejoin once I am seeking full-time employment and to be off benefits?

I am considering cancelling services with Vocational Rehab as I have been in their system since September 2023 without receiving any services. If the Ticket to Work program proves to be a hindrance or poses any issues, I believe discontinuing services may be the best option. Moreover, since I did not consent to being enrolled in the program and they could not provide a clear explanation of it, I feel uncertain about the benefits it may offer.

It appears that in order to speak with a WISA, I must be assigned to the Ticket to Work program. Is this information accurate?

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