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## Understanding the 2021 Amendment to Inheritance/Gift Tax Law

I recently came across information regarding the 2021 amendment to the inheritance/gift tax law, which has implications for individuals with assets in Japan.

## A Hypothetical Situation: Working in Japan and Retiring

Imagine you have been working in Japan on a Table 1 visa for many years until you decide to retire at the age of 65. Following your retirement, you transition to a Table 2 spousal visa and remain in Japan for a short period, let’s say for a year. However, after this one-year period, you make the decision to leave Japan permanently and never return.

## Complexities Surrounding Worldwide Assets and Gifted to Non-Japanese Citizens

Now, the question arises: what happens to your worldwide assets at the time of your death in a country outside of Japan if they are intended to be gifted to non-Japanese citizens? This scenario presents a complex legal situation that may require expert knowledge to navigate successfully.

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  • starkimpossibility

    >What happens to your world-wide assets at the time of your death

    If you’re not a Japanese citizen and you’re not living in Japan at the time of your death (i.e., your 住所 is not in Japan), your history of living in Japan is irrelevant. You are in the same position as a foreigner who has never lived in Japan. See [thia comment]( for a more detailed explanation.