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## Understanding Pension Funding at Your Organisation

I have recently joined a new organization and am trying to grasp the concept of my pension scheme. According to the information provided, all employees receive x salary plus an additional 10% of this salary, which goes into their ‘Value Account’. This Value Account can be utilized for pension contributions or other benefits, with the remaining amount being paid out as cash through payroll.

However, there seems to be a default setting where 8% of the Value Account is automatically allocated towards pension contributions. This raises questions about the difference between the 10% and 8%, and how it impacts my overall financial situation. Despite my efforts to research on the intranet, I am struggling to understand the mechanics of this system. Does this essentially mean that the Value Account represents my salary, and any amount not contributed towards pensions is given to me as take-home pay after tax and National Insurance deductions?

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  • Alex-JH

    Your company have decided 10% pension contribution is the “standard” they want to provide to employees. There is a requirement to provide 8% minimum (or opt out) so of your 10%, 8% has already been assigned to be pension contributions, this leaves you the additional 2% to choose as further pension contribution or take home pay or other benefits offered.

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    Hi /u/BeneficialRemote7182, based on your post the following pages from our wiki may be relevant:


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