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## Situation: Received an Eviction Notice with Short Notice Period

I recently received a letter demanding that I vacate the property within 9 days. While I understand the landlord’s right to evict me, I believe that the timeframe given is shorter than what I was expecting. As per my knowledge, the minimum notice period for eviction in England is supposed to be 14 days.

## Dispute Over Notice Period and Contract Details

I am the sole occupant of the property and I am currently on a rolling monthly contract. Given my circumstances, I feel that I should be entitled to a longer notice period before being asked to vacate the premises.

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  • LAUK_In_The_North

    Is the landlord resident in the property?

  • Epididapizza

    Not sure where you get 14 days from, but if you’re on an AST outside the fixed period, they must serve you a Section 21 notice (giving you two months to vacate before they begin eviction proceedings) or a Section 8 notice (they can usually ‘fast track’ eviction proceedings).

    You can also give notice to leave, which is typically a full rental payment period (normally monthly).

    Slightly simplified, only a court or the tenant can legally end a tenancy.