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## Frustrating Experience with Ticketek Seating

Hey Reddit community,

I recently encountered a frustrating situation while booking seats for an event through Ticketek. My friends and I spent time discussing and selecting what we believed to be the best seating arrangement within our budget based on the advertised options. However, when the booking opened, we found that the available seating differed from what was advertised. Despite our efforts, we had to settle for less desirable seats due to time constraints.

This discrepancy between the advertised and actual seating options has left us disappointed and wondering about our consumer rights. We believe the company’s actions constitute false advertising, but we’re unsure if pursuing legal action is valid or worth it. Has anyone experienced a similar situation before? Are there any consumer protection laws in Australia that could support our case? Should we look for legal advice, or are there other ways we can resolve this issue? Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

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I’m from SA, but the event is scheduled in Sydney.

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    Don’t stress and just enjoy the show.

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    I’m aware the forum is not the accurate legal advice. I want to reflect on this thing. That’s all.

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  • RARARA-001

    Often a stadium will have their ÔÇ£normal layoutÔÇØ which is usually on their site but then for each event this usually changes to what that specific event requires

    All event organisers will have terms and conditions relating to seating plans/availability etc to counteract this.

  • Jerratt24

    What outcome do you want? If the specific layout doesn’t exist then they can only offer you a refund.