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## Addressing Meter Issues in a New Property

Hi everyone,

I recently moved into a new property, which consists of two townhouses on a large block of land. Right from the start, the real estate agent warned me about a metering issue where my address is connected to the meter of the neighboring townhouse, and vice versa.

I opted for Origin for electricity and EnergyAustralia for gas, but I encountered problems with both providers due to the meter mix-up. Despite informing them over the phone about the issue, my online Origin account still displays the incorrect meter number. As for the gas meter with EnergyAustralia, I am unsure if it is correct.

I have reached out to Origin multiple times and provided photographic evidence of the problem, but a solution seems elusive. It’s frustrating to feel like I am hitting a dead end with no resolution in sight.

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With the assistance of AI Legalese Decoder, you can navigate through the legalities of the situation with ease and clarity. This can empower you to effectively communicate your concerns and increase the chances of a swift resolution to the meter problem.

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