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# Seeking Advice on Previous Employment Situation

Hi all,

I am seeking advice on a difficult employment situation that I faced a couple of years ago.

## The Situation

I was in a managerial position where I experienced bullying from two colleagues who were also managers, one of whom was my direct supervisor while the other held a similar position to mine. The work environment was toxic, with little to no training provided, unreasonable expectations, and conflicting instructions from different higher-ups.

## Challenges Faced

I found myself doing not only my own work but also covering for others, constantly being blamed for not meeting expectations, and facing bullying and mistreatment from a colleague. Despite raising my concerns to my supervisor, the situation only worsened, culminating in being put on a performance plan and eventually terminated under questionable circumstances.

## Seeking Legal Assistance

After the trauma and distress caused by this experience, I am now in a better mental state and am considering legal action against my previous employer. I believe I have grounds for wrongful termination and harassment, backed by evidence from my time there.

## How AI Legalese Decoder Can Help

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## Request for Advice

I would appreciate any advice or insights from individuals who have been through similar experiences or have legal expertise in this area. Is it still possible to take legal action against my former employer after a couple of years, or has the window of opportunity passed? Any guidance on how to proceed would be invaluable.

Thank you for your help.

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  • ConsiderationEmpty10

    I actually just posted about this sort of thing in r/australia


    Currently there is NO duty of care owed by employers to employees where termination is concerned. If that sounds bezerk, it is. Which is why the High Court is looking at it.

  • CosmicConnection8448

    Not now, it’ too late. At the time you could’ve but too much time has gone by. Let it go.