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## Planning to Buy a Car for My Birthday

Hey, I’m currently in the process of planning to buy my very first car for my upcoming birthday in 3 months. I have been saving up diligently, and by then I will have $7,000 set aside for this purchase. Owning a car has always been a dream of mine, and I am excited to make it a reality.

## Choosing a Honda Civic for Efficiency

After doing some research, I have decided that a Honda Civic would be the ideal choice for me. I am looking for a vehicle that can reliably get me from point A to point B without incurring high gas expenses. The Honda Civic is known for its fuel efficiency and durability, making it a perfect fit for my needs.

## Seeking Advice on Buying a Honda Civic

I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice on how to approach buying a Honda Civic. I am unsure about how much I should spend on this car, what specific features to look for, and how to make the most out of my purchase. Additionally, I am considering making a $1,000 down payment and paying monthly installments of $150 to $200 to not only afford the car but also build my credit score.

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  • al_gorithm23

    If you’re going to finance it, go to a credit union and get preapproved for a car loan through them. You’ll likely get much better rates and have leverage over the dealership. Then since your rates and monthly payments are already worked out with the credit union, you can just negotiate the out the door price with the dealer.

    I’ll let the car people comment on the car in particular, but I know Civics are like the most popular car in the US for a reason.

  • LeftyRightyCommyNazi

    I miss my civic! As a car guy, get one like like pre 2012-2013 if you don’t care about all the bells and whistles. I had a 2012 civic ex coupe and would’ve kept it till the day I died but a tree falling over had other plans. Highly recommend Honda in general. Timing on them can go bad around 250,000km but I bought mine at 185,000km and got to 245,000km with no issues other than replacing the clutch at 230,000. They will go forever if you take care of them.

  • Icy-Lingonberry6742

    I highly recommend putting more down (if able) since this will help minimize your monthly payments / lower your interest rate. Aim for a minimum down payment of 10% of the used car’s total cost.

    In regards to the Honda Civic – solid choice. No matter how old or new, the Civic is great on gas mileage, proves to be reliable, and maintenance is easy (can do most of it yourself to save money thanks to YouTube). I have a 2018 Honda Civic that I bought used in 2021 and I love it!

  • MeepleMerson

    Yes. The Honda Civic is an excellent first car. Practical, not too pricey. Easy and cheap maintenance. Very reliable. Decent gas mileage. Reasonably comfortable. Insurance is very reasonable.

    If you can buy without using credit and with no monthly payment, that’s a very good idea. It’s not really a great idea to finance something that’s losing value. If you have to finance, then finance as little as you can (higher down payment). You’ll probably get better rates than what the dealership will offer from a local bank or credit union.

  • EDMWubz

    My Honda civic 2012 has been the best thing that happened to me 😂

  • throwaway_029292

    If you don’t want to be spending money on your car way too early into purchasing, first cars are always better choosing Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla. Lower the miles the better but they’ll easily hit 200-250k without an issue. Honda you have to be more careful about year/transmission because their CVTs will shit themselves and you’ll be left with a huge bill just to get your car moving again. It’s better to choose a car you need to know less about.

    Also, whichever you get, do three things when you first buy it:

    1) learn how to change the oil and filter yourself, and then do it on time every time. It’s not worth paying, it’s always worth knowing how to do it, you’ll never sell your first car for anything worth having it documented on car fax by a service center. Usually YouTube has videos explaining.

    2) find your spare and learn how to put it on and take it off. Make sure you know what level air all tires need to be at. If you don’t have the tools in your car to change your tire (jack, torque wrench) then buy them and put them in your car. Even put a portable tire inflator in there if you car. If you don’t have a spare go buy one.

    3) get a jump pack and a set of jumper cables. One so you can jump your car alone, one so you can jump it if you forget to charge a jump pack with somebody. Learn where your battery is and how to jump a car. Never remove these from your car. If your car doesn’t start one day, start with jumping it.

    These things will save you major time and money and are worth the investment because you can carry them to every car forever. I have spent days of my lifetime helping people on the side of the road who have run their car out of oil, have a flat and no spare or no idea how to use a spare, or just straight up have their battery drain and are on track to spend 300+ dollars and hours on a tow truck and last minute remedies when if they would just do these things they be fine and on their way or never facing the issue at all

  • Quiet_Cell8091

    I have purchased Honda’s since 1991. I have a 2016 Civic Touring which has given me nice service.

  • zhdc

    Agree with all of the other comments.

    That said, stick to something you can pay cash for. You may not be able to get into a reliable Civic for 7K, but you should be able to get a quality Honda Fit or Jazz. 

    These are what the Civic used to be – light, reliable, manual hatchbacks. 

    Learn how to drive stick. It’s easy – you can pick it up in a day. Honda makes the best consumer market level manual transmissions. 

  • Medium-Web7438

    From my understanding, very. You can get an older year that had a good service record and be sitting pretty.

  • MushyAbs

    My first car out of college was a brand new 1996 civic. Bought the mid level model nothing fancy. I drove it for 10 years and had absolutely no problems with it. I took care of it though: never missed an oil change or service due. It had 250k miles when I traded up for a bigger car to fit my family. Highly recommend!

  • ConsiderationMean358

    my friend has an 03 and it gets 40 mpg I was jealous asf

  • Grevious47

    Honda Civic is a good choice for first car. Dont finance something just to build credit though. You dont have to pay interest to build credit.

  • Own_Wealth_4880

    I brought a 2006 hond civic for $1200 with 6 months rego a few years ago. It’s just clocked over 300 thousand and it’s still going strong.

  • adhdt5676

    I have a 2018 Civic Hatchback with 145k miles.
    I have done nothing besides normal wear/tear.
    I gave it to my wife recently and got a truck – only reason was I needed/wanted more space.

    It was/is an incredible car.

  • BatmanFan1971

    My first car was a Civic. I purchased it new after I first graduated college.

    I kept it for about 12-13 years.

    Honda and Toyota have some of the very best assembly line quality assurance. My current car is a Toyota.

  • rmunderway

    TLDR but a Civic is literally the best first car on Earth.

  • No-Argument-3444

    On my 2nd Civic.  Inexpensive, reliable, and gets the job done.

    Maybe I’ll get a *nice* car when I’m older but even now, at 36 w 2 kids, its perfectly capable of satisfying the needs

  • [deleted]

    I’m not going to discuss the financial side because I’m unsure..though the honda civic is a very reliable car. Honda is usually cheaper than Toyota but the quality is the same. If you take care of it, it will last a very long time and should have minimal issues.

  • Far-Substance1978

    My first car and I still have it is a 2013 Honda Civic. I love my car, have done all preventive maintenance and the only expense I have had is replacing the battery and buying new set of tires. It has 90,000 miles at the moment and I feel that my car can last me forever! I do not know if your financial situation but I am going to tell you my experience. Btw I bought my car used in 2015 and had 25,000 miles on it.

    I love cars, and my Hondy was the first and last car I will ever buy financed. There is nothing more peaceful than having no payments in the world and having the title of your car. For this reason, if you can buy cash, maybe save some more and buy an all cash used Honda civic you won’t regret it! I also own now a Toyota 4Runner that I got for fun is a 2004 with 175,000 miles on it and once again is in great shape, is reliable and is all mine. No loans, no banks, no interest payments…

    Buy used, in good mechanical condition, and cash and you will not regret it!

  • alliseeisbronze

    I got a Honda Civic 2009 last year (was driving the family’s 2008 Civic before that). I am NOT a car guy whatsoever, but they’re very easy to drive and no fuss at all when it comes to servicing (I don’t do shit for it, I let the mechanics take care of it like oil changes, etc). It’s no frills but dependable and works, I love it lol

  • Professional_Term_75

    It might be the BEST first and overall car for commuting. I’ve had 3 far