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### Can an Expat in the US and Japan Start Retirement at Different Ages?

If an expat has worked in both the US and Japan for a significant number of years and meets all eligibility conditions, can they start retirement at different ages? For instance, could they begin claiming retirement benefits from the US side at age 62, and then from the Japanese side at a later age, like 65?

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  • tsian

    Shouldn’t be an issue.

    >I just can’t find an answer while researching totalization agreements.

    Totalization agreements usually come into play with regards to meeting minimum contribution limits to receive a payout. If you already qualify for a pension in each country this will not be an issue, and you will just need to initiate separate claims in both the US and Japan. As such you are free to apply whenever you are eligible and choose to.

  • shrubbery_herring

    Contact the [Federal Benefits Unit at the Tokyo Embassy]( According to their webpage, “The Federal Benefits Unit at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo assists all U.S. citizens, Japanese, and third country nationals who receive benefits from the Social Security Administration.” So if they can’t help you, no one can.

    If you do contact them, please reply here to share what you learned.

  • NaivePickle3219

    Why wouldn’t you be able too?

  • Naomi_Tokyo

    Major thing to keep in mind is windfall prevention.

    I plan to take Japan at 60 and US at 72

  • Tanagrabelle

    Wait, you can get BOTH?