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### How Do International Benefits Work for Individuals Living in Different Countries?

When individuals live in different countries – for example, one in Germany and the other in Portugal – it can be confusing to understand how benefits apply. Questions may arise regarding whether the individual in Germany will receive benefits from their country of residence, and vice versa for the individual in Portugal.

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  • Reasonable_Ball_1274

    I used to live in France and work in Germany.
    My kids were living in France.

    Of course you can apply for both benefits, but they will not sum up: you will get the best from both countries that’s all.

    Child benefit was very low in France compared to Germany. So the German Kintergeld was asking the French CAF how much we received and only provided the difference.

  • Individual-Remote-73

    The one where the child lives

  • taevalaev

    Social services are on the lookout to their best ability for this not to happen. In a situation like this they will check what the parents are receiving already before providing benefits. 

  • SnooLobsters8922


  • lepski44

    Portugal does not have child allowance…so you can get a full one in DE

    I have similar case, except LV / AT, my wife gets child allowance and all the benefits in Latvia, but since I pay my taxes in Austria, where the child benefits are higher, Austria pays me the difference…you will not get double

    i.e. allowance per child is 100eur/month in LV which my wife is receiving…allowance in Austria is 200eur/month, since it is EU, Austrian authorities checked what are allowances in Latvia, and are paying me the difference – 100 eur/month per child….although my kids live in Latvia

  • trichaq

    I am pretty sure that depends on each country but I would expect that only the one living with the child should have the benefits.

  • tosho_okada

    A friend had to pay Kindergeld because he lived in Germany and the kid in the Netherlands. I don’t know if the arrangement of the couple but both parents were EU citizens. I would get a lawyer and accountant involved even if you’re not separated

  • Harinezumisan

    Everything in EU is residency based.

  • Financial_Green9120

    As mentioned above but I know people who are claiming benefits from two countries and it works – very often it’s just impossible to check by TAX authorities.

  • mxlila

    For tax purposes, I’m pretty certain you can “use” the child to reduce taxes anywhere you’re a tax resident, as that would correct.

    For benefits you receive for the child, that depends again on where you are a tax resident, since the child can absolutely be a resident of both countries. As others have mentioned, you should be careful to cash in several child benefits in different EU countries since they would check.

    However, if the other parent is a tax resident of a different country, I believe it should be possible that one requests the benefits in Germany and the other one in Portugal. If you’re both tax residents in both countries, I’m not sure if that’s wise since they would certainly check.