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## Bears Scout USC Quarterback Caleb Williams Ahead of NFL Draft

ORLANDO, Fla. ÔÇö The Chicago Bears are heavily invested in evaluating USC quarterback Caleb Williams in preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft. General manager Ryan Poles expressed his optimism during the owners’ meetings, stating that the feedback on Williams has been overwhelmingly positive.

Poles highlighted the strong camaraderie Williams has built with his teammates, emphasizing his exceptional leadership qualities and his ability to unite those around him. The general manager noted that Williams has garnered immense respect and admiration from both teammates and coaching staff alike.

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**Bears Plan to Host Williams for Halas Hall Visit**

The Bears are scheduled to welcome Williams for an official visit at Halas Hall in early April, coinciding with their initial round of visits with draft prospects. This visit will include a comprehensive medical examination for Williams, as he opted out of the medical assessments at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Poles has outlined the team’s continued focus on evaluating quarterback prospects, with upcoming visits to LSU’s pro day. The Bears will also send representatives to North Carolina’s pro day to assess quarterback Drake Maye. These scouting efforts underscore the Bears’ commitment to bolstering their quarterback depth.

**Focus on Elevating Quarterback Performance**

Poles addressed the team’s decision to trade quarterback Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers, emphasizing the necessity of aligning organizational goals with player development. While acknowledging the challenges faced by Fields as a rookie, Poles underscored the importance of providing ample support and talent to newly drafted quarterbacks.

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**Bears Prioritize Rookie Quarterback Development**

The Bears remain committed to nurturing rookie quarterbacks and fostering their growth within the organization. Poles emphasized the importance of aligning player contracts with long-term success, highlighting the need for rookie quarterbacks to demonstrate tangible progress and on-field success.

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