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### Working as a Sub-contractor: Should the Employer Cover the Cost of the WWCC?

I am currently exploring the possibility of working as a sub-contractor for a company. As part of the arrangement, the company has requested that we, as sub-contractors, cover the cost of the Working With Children Check (WWCC). However, there is no guarantee of future work as a subcontractor from the employer. This has raised the question of whether the employer should be responsible for covering the cost of the WWCC in this scenario.

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  • TransAnge

    You don’t have an employer your a contractor. You run a business and another business is engaging your services.

    You need to provide everything to perform those services.

  • Professional-Disk-28

    You’re a subcontractor. You supply all of your own equipment. You’re not an employee

  • CosmicConnection8448

    No. Firstly, you’re not an employee. Secondly, most employers require WWCC prior to offering you a job, so even then you’d have to pay for it yourself (yes, there are exceptions, depends on the industry).

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