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## Checking Validity of Weight Tickets for PCS Moves

If I have the same vehicle as a previous PCS’s PPM, is the weight ticket (empty) valid as the current PCS’s weight ticket (empty)? This is a common concern for military personnel when they are planning their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves. The weight ticket for the previous move may still be valid for the current move, but it’s important to double-check to ensure compliance with regulations.

## Compliance with Regulations for PCS Moves

Have I missed any regulations that cite a location requirement (e.g. losing or gaining PDS on this set of orders) or recency requirement (e.g. within 180 days of orders effective date)? Compliance with regulations is crucial when it comes to PCS moves, as failing to meet the requirements can lead to delays and potential financial repercussions.

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Not getting another empty ticket saves me time, saves the government $15-30, and just makes sense. By using the AI Legalese Decoder, military personnel can easily navigate complex legal language in documents such as the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) 051502. The AI Legalese Decoder can assist in interpreting regulations and requirements for PCS moves, ensuring compliance and potentially saving time and money.

## Reviewing JTR 051502 for Personal Procured HHG Transportation

JTR 051502. Personally Procured HHG Transportation states, “Submit certified weight certificates or an acceptable constructed HHG weight with the claim for reimbursement.” This regulation highlights the importance of accurate weight certificates for reimbursement purposes during PCS moves. Utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder can help military personnel understand and comply with this requirement effectively.

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  • tjt169

    This is a great way not to get paid…just go get the free weight…

  • vicinadp

    It’s like $10 to get a weight ticket why is this such a consistent issue with this sub….. get the damn ticket it’s worth the opportunity cost 

  • Disownedpenny

    I had this same thought about my RV. My wife and I were living in our RV and in order to weigh it empty, we would have had to move all of our stuff out (and put it somewhere), weigh it, then move back in. We had weighed the truck and trailer empty about a year prior for a different move. I submitted that ticket with our current full tickets and a note explaining the situation. I ended up going back and forth with the PPM claim person via email and phone and they eventually approved it. Our situation worked out, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It seems like it would be entirely up to how nice your PPM claim adjuster is, and when you’re talking about thousands of dollars, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  • USS-William-D-Porter

    I’m not TMO but work with them. From what I’ve seen, if the date on the tickets predate your orders (the earliest you’re authorized to move) they are usually rejected

  • OnlyWon

    Not all services do it this way, but atleast with the Marine Corps if your gross weight is listed on your vehicle registration you don’t need a weight ticket.

  • PickleWineBrine

    It’s the weigh ticket from either the origin or destination location? L of your upcoming PCS?

  • Wide_Ad7105

    Excellent way for them to deny your PPM. Just go get the new ticket. The government can support that couple of dollaroos