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# Exploring the World of Cigars

I have always had a passion for cigars, and it has been a hobby that brings me joy. However, recently, I found myself in some financial trouble and decided to sell some of my cigars to friends and acquaintances to help alleviate my debt. While I am aware that this may not be entirely legal, I didn’t think it would cause any real issues.

As time went on, my little side hustle started to grow, and I found myself making around £200 a month from these sales. It wasn’t a significant amount, but it definitely made a difference in my financial situation.

Unexpectedly, my reputation for obtaining specialty cigars at lower prices caught the attention of various customers, businesses, and individuals in the industry. They started paying me to source cigars for them, leading to a substantial increase in my income. In the past eight days alone, I have made £2000, and I anticipate making an additional £3000 from upcoming sales this month.

The problem now is that I am currently receiving Universal Credit (UC) and this newfound income puts me in a difficult position. I cannot disclose that I am selling cigars since I am not licensed, and the money I am receiving is from various sources across the UK, making it challenging to explain as work pay.

I am passionate about pursuing a career in the cigar industry, and I want to continue growing this venture. However, I am also wary of potential legal repercussions. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Accurate-One4451

    Register for self assessment and declare your earnings to both HMRC and DWP.

    What licence do you think you need for cigars?

  • AR-Legal

    Irrespective of any licensing (which I am genuinely unaware of), you need to declare this to the DWP.

    If you don’t, you’re committing benefit fraud.

    You are obliged to inform them of a change in your circumstances that may impact on your eligibility for benefits.

    You should also register as self-employed if this is going to become a new long-term job for you.

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  • ProfessorYaffle1

    You need to register as self employed and declare your income to DWP/HMRC.  I don’t think you need to be licensed but from the website it looks as though you do need to register and get a tracker ID. You may want to get proper advice as a lot of the information appears to refer to ‘cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco ‘ so it’s unclear whether (legally) cigars are classed as a type of cigarette or whether the rules are different.  But start by searching on the site for sale of tobacco and go from there.