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Lobo Living Room Explores Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Justice

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society

Lobo Living Room will return for the Fall semester with an exciting discussion about artificial intelligence (AI). The event will feature esteemed faculty members from the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Algorithmic Justice at the University of New Mexico (UNM). The discussion will be held in Farris Engineering Room 1000 on September 6.

The event, titled “Lobo Living Room: The Bits and Bytes of Artificial Intelligence,” aims to shed light on the hidden biases prevalent in AI and the profound impact this technology will have on various aspects of society, including education and employment. It will also provide insight into the UNM Algorithmic Justice Project, which is generously funded by UNM ADVANCE.

Expert Speakers

The panel of speakers includes distinguished experts in their respective fields:

1. Sonia Gipson Rankin: As a professor in the UNM School of Law, Gipson Rankin merges her computer science background with her passion for legal justice. Her notable scholarship on artificial intelligence and technology has been published in esteemed journals such as the Washington and Lee Law Review and the New York University Law Review Online. Gipson Rankin’s extensive involvement in the legal community as an American Bar Foundation Fellow, member of the New Mexico Supreme Court Commission on Equity and Justice, and former president of the New Mexico Black Lawyers Association truly sets her apart. Additionally, she has been recognized with the prestigious Professor Burgy Minzner Award for Faculty Excellence and Professionalism.

2. Melanie Moses: This accomplished professor of Computer Science and Biology at UNM specializes in interdisciplinary research. Her work revolves around modeling search processes in complex adaptive systems, including ant colonies, immune systems, and the immune response to COVID-19. Moses is also an advocate for algorithmic justice, co-founding the UNM-SFI Working Group on Algorithmic Justice. She actively contributes to the UNM ADVANCE program, supporting women faculty in STEM fields, and serves on prominent bodies such as the Computing Research Association’s Computing Community Consortium and CRA-Widening Participation.

3. Kathy Powers: Powers, an associate chair and associate professor in the Department of Africana Studies and Department of Political Science, is a seasoned mixed-methods political scientist and engaged scholar with a keen interest in power and justice. She has conducted extensive research on institutional transformation and war, notably developing a groundbreaking database that investigates the impact of regional trade institutions transforming into military alliances. Powers is also deeply invested in human rights scholarship, focusing on reparations, truth-telling, and institutional reform on a global scale. Her work in algorithmic justice explores the intricate processes within global and local reparations systems, as well as the politics of global governance and repair for harm.

Join the Discussion

The Lobo Living Room event promises to be intellectually stimulating and invites individuals interested in the intersection of AI and algorithmic justice to participate. The event will commence at 6 p.m., preceded by a networking session with hors d’oeuvres from 5:15 p.m.

To secure your spot at this enlightening event, please register through the UNM Alumni website.

If you’re unable to attend in person, stay connected by visiting the UNM Alumni Association website to learn more about Lobo Living events and stay informed about important discussions shaping our world.

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