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## Exploring Rentvesting Options and Financial Planning

Happy Sunday all!

Partner and I currently reside in our PPOR valued around $1.1 million with $860k on the mortgage and $240k sitting in the offset. WeÔÇÖve also got a modest $40k share portfolio and about $150k combined in Super.

I earn $113k pre-tax, and my partner is earning in excess of $140k pre-tax ($253k household pre-tax income).

Partner is a Dr, and I also work a time-intensive job. Recently, weÔÇÖve been fantasizing about moving closer to our places of work. This would involve renting out our current PPOR and living in a rental property ourselves, a strategy commonly known as rentvesting. I vaguely understand that there is a 5-year CGT rule allowing for the 50% CGT exemption if rentvesting is for a valid reason. With my partner’s requirement to be within 30 minutes travel distance of the hospital, we believe we qualify for this exemption.

In light of the current rental crisis, my main question is whether weÔÇÖd likely have much trouble securing a rental given our financial situation. Is there an online calculator I can use to determine what weekly rent amount weÔÇÖd qualify for, similar to borrowing capacity calculators?

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Without contributing more to the mortgage, based on rental estimates, I estimate weÔÇÖd be negatively geared by about $30k a year conservatively. We have no other liabilities aside from my partner’s car lease of $6k a year.

It would be great to understand the comprehensive rental application process and what factors contribute to the eligibility assessment. Is it based solely on our income, or will our asset base also be considered? If we were to rentvest and reap the tax benefits from negative gearing, renting a place for around $900 a week would put us in a similar cashflow position as we are currently. However, I am unsure if we would easily qualify for a $900/week rental.

Many thanks

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