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## Rising Oil Prices in Asia Amid Global Supply Concerns

Oil prices saw an uptick in early Asian trading on Monday, driven by escalating conflicts in the Middle East and between Russia and Ukraine. The tightening global supply dynamics, combined with a shrinking U.S. rig count, added upward pressure to oil prices.

### Current Market Trends and Price Movements

Brent crude futures surged by 0.6% to $85.95 a barrel, while U.S. crude futures rose by 0.7% to $81.18 per barrel during the early Asian session. Despite minor dips last week, both benchmarks have maintained their resilience against previous market fluctuations. However, the strength of the U.S. dollar, which saw a 1% increase over the past week, has somewhat restrained further price surges.

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### Expert Insights on Geopolitical Factors Influencing Oil Prices

Hiroyuki Kikukawa, the president of NS Trading, highlighted the growing geopolitical tensions and heightened attacks on energy facilities in Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East as key drivers of concern for global oil supply. The recent escalation in conflicts and diminishing hopes for ceasefires have intensified market anxieties. Furthermore, the decline in the U.S. oil rig count, as reported by Baker Hughes data, signals a potential decrease in future oil supply, further tightening the global oil market.

### Additional Factors Contributing to Market Tightness

The recent missile and drone attacks by Moscow on Ukraine, coupled with reciprocal strikes on Russian oil infrastructure, have disrupted oil refineries’ operations in Russia. This has led to increased demand for available crude oil cargoes, exacerbating supply constraints in fuel markets. The refusal of Indian refineries to accept Russian crude due to U.S. sanctions has also exacerbated global market tightness, as highlighted by analysts at ANZ Research.

### Continuing Tensions in the Middle East

Amidst escalating tensions in the Middle East, continued clashes between Israeli forces and militants in Gaza have raised concerns about further instability in the region. The besieging of Gaza hospitals and the capture of militants by Israeli forces have escalated the conflict, with warnings of potential global isolation for Israel. Additionally, the engagement of U.S. forces with Houthi unmanned aerial vehicles in the southern Red Sea underscores the ongoing security risks in the region.

### Leveraging AI Technology for In-Depth Analysis

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