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## Considering Lifestyle Changes to Increase Savings

A 24-year-old individual, single, and earning 52k/year, is facing financial constraints despite careful budgeting. After accounting for taxes and essential expenses like rent, food, student loans, car repairs, and insurance, only 8-11% of their income remains. This limited disposable income leaves little room for unexpected expenses or leisure activities.

## Exploring Extreme Measures: Living in a Car

Facing financial challenges, the individual contemplates moving into their car to cut costs drastically. The lack of affordable housing options in their small town, combined with limited income, fuels this decision. By eliminating rent expenses, they believe they can redirect funds towards experiences they enjoy, such as travel, dining out, and entertainment.

## The Role of AI Legalese Decoder in Financial Decision-making

In this situation, the AI Legalese Decoder can provide valuable insights and guidance. By analyzing the individual’s financial data and legal considerations, the AI tool can offer personalized advice on the feasibility of living in a car. It can highlight potential risks, legal implications, and alternative solutions to improve financial stability without resorting to extreme measures.

## Seeking Community Advice and Reconsidering Options

Seeking advice from peers on the feasibility and implications of homelessness as a working professional, the individual plans a trial period living in their car. They also consider negotiating with their landlord for a temporary rental discount to test this lifestyle change. However, after receiving feedback from the community, the individual opts against homelessness as a long-term solution. Instead, they choose to persevere through financial challenges with the hope of better opportunities in the future.

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  • Prowrestled

    ” Parking won’t be an issue as I think my boss will let me permanently keep my car in the corporate parking lot” 

    … hmm… All is well and good until HR or Senior Management/ Corporate finds out…. 

    This will not fly if it’s a big company.

    If you’re ready adamant about living in car:

    1. Your future landlord will ask you why were you living in a car, you may have a hard time finding a place.

    2. You need a place to shower. I suggest join a gym (Fit 4 Less is cheap), so you can shower there.

    3. You will have to heat up food at work, or rely on take out.

  • alzhang8

    Look for a higher paying job tbh

    For most people, shelter is the last thing they are willing to give up

  • Ottawa_Misfit

    I think your underestimating your need for a secure warm shelter. It may be nice having some free money, but how will it feel when someone smashes your window to steal your stuff. Everyone that lives in a car has shit overflowing in the back seat and is an easy target. Your boss may not understand the insurance liability of you parking on property, but it won’t take long for some half conscious HR rep to explain it and then your safe spot is gone.
    Shelter and security is a primal need. Nomads depends on groups for safely. You’ll have neither. Skip the takeout and beach vacation. Keep your apartment and find a roommate.

  • hirme23

    I fail to see how your life would improve, unless you’re currently living under a bridge

  • SallyRhubarb

    Your thought exercise seems to be trading in physical safety for the illusion of financial safety. Or the ‘fun’ of being homeless. You won’t actually get ahead, and it won’t feel fun even if the plan is to spend any extra money on fun stuff.

    Even if your boss says that they are cool with you living in the parking lot, that won’t be sustainable. At some point, they will change their mind. Or someone else will complain. You will be evicted from the parking lot and you’ll be spending time and mental energy looking for a safe place to park.

    You will spend far more time trying to take care of very basic necessities. Things like planning toilet visits and showers will become a focus and take up your free time. Taking your car in for repairs will become a big worry; if it needs to stay overnight you’re on the street homeless or paying for a hotel. The stress means that you might not actually get to enjoy all those fun things like going to the movies.

    There are also some higher costs to the lack of stability. You can’t buy a 48 pack of toilet paper. There’s no economy of scale. Food will cost significantly more. You can’t buy and cook a 20 pound bag of lentils and rice in your car. You’ll be relying much more on convenience foods. Eating out might seem fun until you realize how much that costs to do for every single meal. Or until you get tired of ramen and instant oatmeal in your car. Plus all the health impacts of that diet.

    Being poor and unhoused can cost more money and time than being poor and housed. 

  • AgreeableSlide8541

    >I’m also going to ask my landlord if I can get given a 2 week price break on the rental so I can try out the living in a car thing for a couple weeks before diving in too deep, I’m sure they will be fine with it so at least I can get a trial run going.

    Are you sure they’ll be fine with it?

    1. You’re asking them to pay out of pocket what your rent pays for (mortgage, property tax, etc) so that you can cosplay poverty for 2 weeks?
    2. Are you in a position where you can even break your lease?

  • Islandflava

    Just drive your car to northern AB and get a job in the oil fields. You’ll find yourself much better off than going homeless

  • AccomplishedBison369

    Try living in your car for a week and see how you feel. That’ll give you an idea of if you’ll be able to do it. I’ve slept in cars on long road trips. It’s not comfortable no matter what.

  • godhavemercyonme79

    It’s sad that even at 50k a year living in a car is a consideration for some people. I am sorry you are in this situation. What has become of life in Canada.

  • Ready_Education5326

    Can you describe your budget? 54k isnt nothing so from the available information you provided, it sounds like (youre not gonna like this, but) you should just focus on increasing your income snd tough it out for now. Sounds like you just want some more free cash to party and explore yourself more (which is fine) and are willing to give up shelter to get it.

    I would strongly suggest you do NOT do this. As other people noted – shit/shower/shave, where are you going to do this? And food – a fridge, a hotplate- how will you organize this? Where will you keep your belongings?

    Also you need to be prepared for every possible downside or unfortunate circumstances here. What happens when your engine dies? Or someone breaks in to your carhouse while you’re at work? Or breaks the windows? Or your carhouse get towed? Generally speaking I would NOT rake your corporate bosses word that you cam squat for free in their parking lot. This is likely against corporate policy and there may be liabilities which haven’t been discussed and they may rugpull you down the road. Keep in mind they owe you NOTHING – you are not a tenant, they aren’t the landlord and you have zero tenancy rights in this kind of squatting situation.

    Also there’s public perception and optics to consider here. Even though it is bullshit and you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – people WILL judge you negatively for doing this. Strangers and coworkers alike may treat yoh poorly. It may impact your romantic prospects. May impact career progression.

    Lots of variables to consider but generally speaking I think this is a very bad idea.

  • Sogekingu88

    The problem I see with the way you are writing in your post and comments is that seems like your are looking to loosen you budget to have money to “spend”. Which is not the best way to look at it IMO. As we don’t know your full financial picture, its possible that a budget would help you if you have useless spending that are out of control. No way to tell without knowing the full picture. Try looking a videos of Caleb Hammer, if you find yourself in similar situation then the guests on his show,

    The idea of doing a live in my car period is not a bad Idea per say if you are up for it and don’t really care about it. But this should not be done to have more “disposable” income. Its should be a way pay off loans, same off more money to be in a better situation in the future.

    The way I see it is that it could be a good Idea to do it so you can build an emergency fund of savings and at the same time trying to find a better paying job, nationwide (if you don’t mind moving). That way you will have funds to move and get a place when you find a job. You can also try to look for jobs in lower cost of living area. Rent is getting high everywhere, but there are place where its way cheaper then others.

    Just be careful to not spend all the extra cash. If your car brake down, you end up being without an apartment and a car. In a perfect world, disposable income should not be considered until your needs (dept, housing, car, necessary bills) are under 50% of your net pay and have an emergency fund. But this is like I said, in a perfect world. Not always possible, but should be the goal. I personally must of the time, don’t follow that at 100%, but it only takes one unexpected expense some time.

  • Devine-Shadow

    What vehicle?

  • oystercatcher84

    Please do not do this. You are so young, you’re making a decent income. If you can’t save bucketloads right now that’s okay. You can look for ways to increase your income in the near future, you don’t have to take drastic steps to have spare cash right now. Make a spreadsheet, price out some things you want to do in the next several years, and give yourself a goal income. Do well at work and ask for a raise after a year. Keep looking for other opportunities. Meet people. Do low cost rec. Date!

  • Gaoez01

    I’ve tried living in a car before and I personally don’t mind it. It’s not for everyone and it has to be done right. Take some time to research the different setups you can build out, plan your space so it doesn’t feel too crowded in the vehicle with your belongings, and make sure you have the equipment you need to deal with all weather conditions you may be exposed to.

  • cisco55

    I doubt even the best boss would want an employee living in their car on company property for a whole list of reasons. Employee would come across as unstable home environment so will probably come to work sleep deprived and with poor hygiene. And if something happens after hours who is liable. Insurance would be complicated or expensive. 

    Investigate a small RV van. They hold their value so you’d have comfort. After a few weeks you’ll find a good longer term place like a campground which is a lot cheaper if you pay for a month or more. 

  • Sufficient_Oil_3552

    Dude it’s gonna suck esp in Canada with the winters. You’ll be so bone chilling cold it’s not funny

  • tootnoots69

    “I think my boss will let me permanently keep my car in the corporate parking lot”. Yeah either that or your boss will be really unimpressed by an employee living out of their car.

  • mrstruong

    Make sure to take into account all the expenses homeless people incur. Eating out every meal, laundromat, gym membership for showers, extra gas to keep moving around.

    It’s also expensive to be homeless.

  • NoHurry5175

    I saw a video once of someone sleeping in a storage unit under the radar. At lease you can lay flat on a mattress and have a reasonable chance of a good nights sleep every day.

  • HaasonHeist

    Get a room mate and/or a second job. Uber eats, McDonald’s, local cafe, etc.

    If you move into your car you will have a lot less energy at work and If people find out it generally doesn’t look good to your employer. You will be spending a lot more energy finding ways to cook, shower, etc. You’ll have a worse social life and less QoL overall.

    Getting a room mate will usually drastically decrease your rent. Having a room mate will also be far better in terms of quality of life than living in your car. If you can’t find one, find a cheaper apartment. I used to live in a pretty shitty apartment, but it was cheap and I had to do what I had to do. It smelled, neighbors were horrible, and I hated it but I’d rather that than live in my car.

    Get food at soup kitchens and food banks. Get a cheaper car with lower insurance. Use transit if possible instead of owning a car.

    r/eatcheapandhealthy if you need to

    Good luck.

  • ttsoldier

    Curious to see a break down of your expenses

  • candidate1290

    It’s not so bad OP I also live in my car on my off days from the firehall, I live outside vancouver and make 100k between two jobs. Weather is obviously better for me if you are not in BC. I do HVAC on my days off and just park at the construction site no one cares.

  • adeelf

    I wasn’t sold on the idea, anyway, when I read the headline and thought, “This guy wants to live in his car so he can save up for the future.”

    But then I read your post, and it turns out your priority is to have money for traveling, movies and eating out. Those three things are seemingly more important to you than *having a roof over your head*. Yeah, that definitely doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    >Parking won’t be an issue as I think my boss will let me permanently keep my car in the corporate parking lot

    Is your boss the boss of the entire company? Because if not, I highly doubt he has the authority to make that decision.

  • thepalfrak

    Hey I just saw a post, some kind landlord is offering plots of land for a tent for just $500 monthly. What a nice guy. That’s only $6,000 annually so you should be able to afford your avocado toast again in no time!

  • Lanky-Direction1426


  • AsbestosDude

    Sell the car and buy a van or motorhome?

  • ciboires

    I would look at a van or something more comfortable then a basic car

    I used to road trip a lot and we slept in cars and SUV’s a few times and it wasn’t great, obviously we did not set it up to live in it… also if you’re not in BC winter is going to be an issue