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Natalie Rubino, Director of Meijer’s Woodward Corner Market, Praises Success of Ukrainian Business

In a recent interview, Natalie Rubino, the director of Meijer’s Woodward Corner Market in Royal Oak, expressed her admiration for the success of a Ukrainian business called Ptashka, particularly highlighting the popularity of their product, nalysnyky, at the store. Rubino stated that the store receives weekly deliveries of nalysnyky, which indicates the high demand for the product. She mentioned that nalysnyky has been a part of the store for a couple of months and customers are loving it, appreciating its status as a woman-owned, Ukrainian, and local business. Rubino also mentioned the positive response to in-store demos conducted by Ptashka’s owners, Jenya and Galyna, where customers get to sample the product.

The Journey of Ptashka’s Founder, Semenkova

The success story of Ptashka is even more inspiring when considering the journey of its founder, Semenkova. She moved to New York from Ukraine in 2006 and pursued degrees in business administration and health systems management. Following her studies, Semenkova worked with Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider, in roles such as practice administrative manager and senior operations manager. However, after relocating to Michigan with her family, she decided to fully focus on starting her own business. Semenkova had long aspired to become an entrepreneur and saw this as an opportunity to pursue her dreams.

Ptashka’s Impressive Success and Contributions

Semenkova’s leap of faith has paid off tremendously. With a small operation, Ptashka has already generated sales exceeding $35,000. Semenkova is confident that by the end of the year, sales will reach $60,000, with hopes of surpassing $100,000 in the first full year of business. Despite upfront investments in equipment, design materials, and supplies, Ptashka has already turned a small profit.

What sets Ptashka apart is Semenkova’s commitment to giving back. For every sale made, 10% of the proceeds are donated quarterly to United Help Ukraine, a nonprofit organization that provides relief to Ukrainian citizens affected by the ongoing war with Russia. Semenkova’s dedication to supporting her home country is commendable.

The Production Process and Dedication

Semenkova and her team of two, including her 57-year-old mother, work tirelessly to meet the demand for their crepes. Every Friday, they spend 12 hours in a commercial kitchen in Oak Park preparing 1,200-1,400 crepes. They carefully select a flavor for each production day and start by making the batter and fillings. Galyna takes on the task of assembling the crepes, while Jenya skillfully rolls them. It is evident that Semenkova’s commitment to producing a high-quality product shines through in their meticulous production process.

How AI legalese decoder Can Aid Ptashka

The success of Ptashka is a testament to Semenkova’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to her business. However, navigating legal documentation and contracts can be a complex task for any business owner. This is where the AI legalese decoder can provide valuable assistance to Ptashka. The AI legalese decoder utilizes advanced natural language processing algorithms and machine learning to interpret and simplify legal jargon commonly found in contracts and legal documents. By using this powerful tool, Semenkova can ensure she fully understands the legal implications of her business decisions, protect her interests, and streamline her interactions with partners, suppliers, and customers. The AI legalese decoder can save her time and effort, allowing her to focus on the growth and development of Ptashka.

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