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Local Entrepreneur Reflects on Lessons of 9/11 During Black Business Month

The Impact of 9/11 on the Journey of Paul Brown

A local entrepreneur, Paul Brown, took the opportunity during Black Business Month to reflect on the lessons he learned from the tragic events of 9/11. Brown, the owner of the downtown nightclub “In the City” in Bridgeport, Connecticut, had a close encounter with the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City.

Just moments before the attacks, Brown found himself at the Cortlandt Street Subway station, located directly beneath the Twin Towers. Recalling the chaotic scene, he vividly remembers running away from the site in an attempt to find safety. As a recent Jamaican immigrant searching for a better life in the United States, this experience was far from the America he had envisioned.

Despite the harrowing experience, Brown attributes his trajectory as a successful business owner to the events of that fateful day. The impact of 9/11 set him on a forward-looking path, fueling his ambition to create a thriving business. Today, after two decades, his dream has materialized with the establishment of his nightclub, In the City.

Inspired by his mother, Vivienne Brown, who passed away in 2003, Brown describes his nightclub as a reflection of urban, glamorous New York City in the heart of Bridgeport. He emphasizes that being a business owner is a humbling experience, constantly reminding him of his mother’s influence and encouraging him to make every move in honor of her memory.

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Black Business Month: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Supporting the Economy

As Black Business Month commences in 2023, Paul Brown takes the opportunity to reflect on the significance of family and providing for their well-being. This month holds great importance for him as he believes it is a chance to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit within the Black community.

Brown’s deep-rooted values, instilled in him through his upbringing in Jamaica and experiences in America, have shaped his approach to entrepreneurship and business ownership. He views Black-owned businesses as crucial pillars of support for the overall economy. By emphasizing the importance of backing small businesses, Brown encourages individuals to rally behind and uplift all entrepreneurs, especially those who have historically faced systemic barriers.

During Black Business Month, local communities and consumers can play a vital role by supporting Black-owned businesses. This support can foster economic growth, create job opportunities, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

Through his journey as an entrepreneur and the legacy of his mother, Paul Brown exemplifies the resilience, determination, and potential within the Black business community. His story serves as an inspiration and a testament to the impact that a supportive environment and recognition of diverse entrepreneurship can have on both individuals and society as a whole.


Black Business Month provides an occasion to celebrate the accomplishments of Black entrepreneurs and recognize their contribution to the economy. Paul Brown’s experience, influenced by the tragedy of 9/11 and his personal journey, showcases the power of resilience and determination. As the business landscape continues to evolve, innovative resources like the AI legalese decoder offer valuable assistance to entrepreneurs in navigating complex legal frameworks effectively.

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