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# Should I sell my 2016 Audi A4 or keep it for the long haul?

I have been the proud owner of my 2016 Audi A4 since it was brand new, and fortunately, it has been a reliable vehicle without any major issues. The car has now hit 90,000 miles on the odometer, and the thought of its value decreasing as it ages has crossed my mind. Currently, I do not have any monthly payments for the car, which is a significant advantage.

## Selling the Car vs. Keeping It

One option that I am contemplating is selling the Audi A4 soon while it still holds some value in the market. By doing so, I could potentially upgrade to a newer vehicle and opt for a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) scheme, allowing me to pay around £250-£300 per month. This strategy could provide me with the opportunity to roll over any equity from the current car into the next one at the end of the agreement.

However, the alternative is to continue driving the Audi A4 without incurring any monthly expenses until it depreciates to a point where it holds minimal resale value. In this scenario, my concern is that when the time comes to replace the car, I might only be able to afford the least expensive option available, as I would not have any funds for a down payment.

## AI Legalese Decoder’s Assistance

In navigating this decision, AI Legalese Decoder can be a valuable tool by providing insights on the financial implications of various choices. By analyzing factors such as the current market value of the Audi A4, potential equity rollover options, and affordability assessments for future vehicle purchases, the AI platform can offer personalized recommendations tailored to my specific circumstances.

## Long-Term Considerations

Furthermore, I must also consider the prospect of a possible house move within the next 2-3 years due to my family’s expansion. It is crucial to acknowledge that any outstanding finance from a car loan could impact my eligibility for a mortgage. This additional factor adds a layer of complexity to my decision-making process and underscores the importance of carefully weighing all possible outcomes.

In conclusion, the choice between selling my Audi A4 or keeping it for the long haul is not a straightforward one. By leveraging the capabilities of AI Legalese Decoder and taking into account both short-term financial considerations and long-term implications, I can make an informed decision that aligns with my overall goals and priorities.

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  • bardeh

    No reason that car won’t go on for another 100-150k miles if you maintain it properly. Stick a small amount of money away each month for a deposit on a new car for when it gives up the ghost. No reason to get rid of a perfectly good car.

  • Opposite_Dog8525

    Save £250 a month for a car. When you’re one becomes invisible use what you have for your new car. Don’t get finance. This is you justifying an impulse purchase. You can afford the 250 now if you could afford it on finance, get saving

    Edit: unviable not invisible 🤣

  • boomerangchampion

    If you could do £300 a month then you don’t need to get the cheapest thing around when your car dies. Put £300 a month in savings and you could have twenty grand by then.

  • trophy_master1

    Pcp doesn’t have to be a cycle. I bought a high spec BMW via pcp and I’ll be paying it off at the end and keeping it. Just make sure you use your brain and do a bit of research so the gauranteed value is realistic / looks likely to be lower than the cars worth at the end of your term.

  • joesus-christ

    I would just hold onto it until it dies. Could easily make it over 200k if you continue to care for it.

    Who knows where your finances will be and what the stage of driving will be by the time you reach 200k?

  • bugbugladybug

    I’ve just gotten out of the PCP cycle.

    I’ve HP a used but desirable car which I aim to have paid off in about 3 years. So what next?

    I’ll just keep making the car payments, but to my savings account instead.

    If it needs maintenance, then I’ll use that to pay for it.

    I’ve budgeted that the most expensive thing it’ll probably need is a new engine, so as long as I can save that much, then the car can keep running as long as I want it to.

  • Dirty2013

    Why PCP?

    You keep a car a long time so why not traditional finance with no balloon payment at least that way you’ll own it like your current car at some stage

    Do the exercise go get PCP quotes then go on a comparison website and see what a loan for the same amount will cost and you’ll see there won’t be that much difference

    PCP is a vicious circle intended to keep you paying for something you will never own you just keep upgrading and spending

    When they introduced PCP to dealers in the early 1990’s the finance companies sold it as a way customers could have what they couldn’t afford and dealers could double their finance commission. Hence why dealers push it so hard.

  • upvoter_1000

    This is really up to you. If you value new tech, go for it. I am a mug so I’d probably get a new car but if you see no need keep your car and save that £250 for a very nice deposit on your next vehicle

  • HumeruST6

    Buy outright