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The City Forces Naughty Cat Café to Remove Sidewalk Sign

The Naughty Cat Café, a local business in Chattanooga, has been forced to remove a sign that has been on the sidewalk in front of their establishment for nearly five years. The sign simply states “30-cats inside.” This unexpected action took place when Heath Hanson and his wife arrived at work and were approached by three code enforcement officers from the city.

Heath Hanson, co-owner of Naughty Cat Café, expressed surprise at the visit from the city’s code enforcement team, as the sign had been in place for almost five years without any issues. He explained that they had followed the guidance given to them when they first opened the café. The sign may appear insignificant to some, but for a small business like theirs, it plays a crucial role in attracting guests, generating revenue, and drawing attention to their mission of helping cats. Hanson emphasized the importance of the sign in promoting the work they do at the café.

Questioning the sudden problem with the sign, Hanson received an explanation from one of the code enforcement officers. According to the officer, the codes regulating such signs have been in place for a long time, but they were never enforced before. The city has now allocated additional funds and resources to ensure compliance with these codes, leading to the crackdown on the café’s sign.

Hanson attempted to find a compromise by suggesting that he move the sign away from the street and place it directly in front of his business, just off the sidewalk and parking lot. However, his request was met with a firm refusal. The code enforcement officers informed him that no signs are allowed anywhere, at any time.

The removal of the sign has adversely affected the business, with Hanson claiming that they experienced their slowest day since opening. The sign’s absence means that hundreds of travelers passing by each day no longer have the chance to see it and be attracted to the café’s offerings.

Hanson is hopeful that the sign will be allowed back out soon and he is eager to discuss the violation with city officials. It is crucial for his business to regain the visibility and attention generated by the sign.

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