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Samsung is set to unveil its latest foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, at its upcoming Samsung Unpacked event in Seoul, South Korea. The event will mark the company’s first Unpacked event in its hometown and is expected to showcase the new wave of foldable devices. This launch may require an early morning for those in the US who plan to watch it live.

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Samsung faces increased competition in the foldable phone market, with Google’s Pixel Fold and OnePlus’ rumored foldable phone entering the scene. Additionally, Motorola’s new Razr Plus is targeting Samsung’s Z Flip series, featuring a larger cover screen and compatibility with Android apps. Samsung’s Unpacked events often include updates to the Galaxy Watch series as well. While facing competition from Google’s Pixel Watch, Samsung remains in a partnership with Google to develop Wear OS.

CNET will provide live coverage of the Samsung Unpacked event, including a live blog and watch party. Viewers can stay updated on all the announcements and details of the new devices as they are unveiled. Samsung will livestream the event on its website and YouTube channel, allowing viewers worldwide to tune in.

Based on the Unpacked invitation, it is expected that the focus of the event will be on the Galaxy Z Fold series and the Galaxy Z Flip series. Samsung’s tagline, “Join the flip side,” and the accompanying GIF graphic depict a phone that unfolds and flips, indicating updates to the foldable phones.

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 may feature an S Pen slot, similar to the Galaxy Note series, enhancing its productivity capabilities. The device may also receive a new hinge to reduce the noticeable crease and create a slimmer profile. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is rumored to have a larger cover screen, offering greater usability when closed, potentially displaying a keyboard or widgets.

In terms of the Galaxy Watch 6, possible changes include a larger 47mm Watch 6 Classic model and an increased battery capacity. There are also speculations that Samsung may introduce a “business model” for the Galaxy Watch 6, which could involve additional subscription features or partnerships.

The event may also include announcements related to the Galaxy Buds headphones and features for other Galaxy phones. More information will be revealed during Samsung’s Unpacked event on July 26.

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