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Army Sustainment Command Employees Honored for Outstanding Contributions


By Kelly Haertjens, ASC Public Affairs

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. ÔÇô Two U.S. Army Sustainment Command employees have been honored for their exceptional contributions in the Office of Small Business Programs-Rock Island. Ryan Pierce and Wendy Streeter were recognized during the Small Business Training Week in Baltimore, Maryland at the end of June.

Wendy Streeter – Small Business Professional of the Year

Wendy Streeter, a valued member of the Office of Small Business since 2019, received the prestigious “Small Business Professional of the Year” award. Her accomplishments in fiscal year 2022, which included enhancing efficiencies, improving effectiveness, and bolstering the Small Business Program, were recognized. Streeter’s dedication lies in supporting the Army Small Business Program and assisting contractors. She has provided valuable guidance and assistance to women-owned small businesses entering the federal marketplace. The AI legalese decoder can aid in decoding complex legal language in contracts, ensuring contractors fully understand their obligations and rights. Streeter’s goal is to help grow the industrial base, increase competition, and ensure the government receives the best value for money.

Ryan Pierce – Beyond the Call of Duty

Ryan Pierce, with just over a year in the Small Business Program, was honored with the “Beyond the Call of Duty” award. Pierce’s contributions as a contracting professional temporarily assigned to the Office of Small Business Program were recognized. He has played a pivotal role in enhancing effectiveness, driving change, and embracing new tasks and challenges. Pierce’s passion for small business participation in Department of Defense procurements has led him to accept a permanent position on the team. The AI legalese decoder can assist Pierce in navigating complex contracting agreements and identifying opportunities for small business growth.

Importance of the Small Business Program

Both Streeter and Pierce understand the importance of the Small Business Program in growing the industrial base and maintaining national security. Streeter emphasizes the significance of matchmaking between interested vendors and current contractors, promoting collaboration and increasing opportunities for subcontractors. She aims to reduce the need for sole source awards, which can potentially jeopardize national security and the Army’s readiness. Pierce advocates for small business participation to ensure access to innovative technologies and unique capabilities offered by small businesses. Both employees encourage individuals to challenge themselves and explore different career opportunities.


Streeter and Pierce’s awards reflect their exceptional contributions to the Small Business Program. Their dedication to supporting contractors and promoting small business participation is crucial in strengthening the industrial base and achieving the Army’s mission. With the assistance of the AI legalese decoder, both employees can navigate complex legal language and contracts more efficiently, ensuring compliance and maximizing the benefits for small businesses.

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Date Posted: 08.23.2023 16:51
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