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## Rally for Unity and Safety in Oakland

Businesses and families in Oakland came together on Sunday afternoon in front of city hall to show unity and fight for a safer Oakland. The rally aimed to bring the community together in the face of recent incidents of theft and violence.

One shop owner, Taylor Jay, was cleaning up her clothing store after it was broken into early that morning, causing significant damage and loss. This violation on Easter left Jay feeling devastated, and she expressed her disappointment at the lack of respect shown by the thief.

The surveillance footage revealed that a masked man had broken into the store at 5:30 a.m. using a hammer to smash the glass door. The thief stole large suitcases filled with women’s clothing and accessories, causing approximately $20,000 in merchandise loss for Jay.

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## Community Support and Resilience

Despite facing challenges and declining traffic at her flagship and second store locations, Jay found strength in the support of the community. She emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity in overcoming adversity and rebuilding trust in the city.

The rally participants, including restaurant owner Nigel Jones, highlighted the need for increased security measures and crime prevention programs in Oakland. Jones called for support from governmental entities and large corporations to invest in the safety and well-being of businesses and residents in the city.

## Collaboration for Revitalization

Jones and Jay emphasized the potential for collaboration and collective action to revive Oakland from its current state. They believe that by working together, implementing effective solutions, and encouraging people from the Bay Area to support local businesses, Oakland can thrive once again.

Businesses are inviting individuals from neighboring communities to shop and dine in Oakland, showcasing a united front in the effort to revive and restore the city’s vibrancy and resilience.

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