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## Prospect Medical Holdings Targeted in Cyberattack


Prospect Medical Holdings, a healthcare organization operating facilities in multiple states, has fallen victim to a cyberattack. The attack has resulted in disruptions to computer systems and the temporary closure of some emergency rooms, leading to ambulances being diverted to alternative medical centers. The aftermath of such cyberattacks can often take weeks to recover from, forcing hospitals to resort to manual administrative work and paper systems in the meantime. Prospect Medical has launched an investigation, with assistance from third-party cybersecurity specialists, to determine the full extent of the incident.

Sources indicate that emergency departments at Manchester Memorial and Rockville General Hospitals had to be closed for a significant portion of the day on Thursday due to the cyberattack. This forced patients to be redirected to other nearby medical facilities. While emergency departments later reopened, primary care services, outpatient appointments, blood drives, and elective surgeries remained suspended. As the investigation continues, the FBI has joined efforts to address the attack.

The cyberattack on Prospect Medical Holdings is the 157th recorded attack on a healthcare organization in the United States this year, highlighting the escalating frequency and severity of cybersecurity threats faced by the healthcare sector.

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