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Increased Protections for Renters in Queensland

Renters in Queensland are set to benefit from a series of comprehensive reforms introduced in state parliament. These reforms aim to provide greater security and privacy for renters while also addressing issues such as rent bidding and excessive bond amounts.

The proposed reforms include the implementation of a code of conduct for the rental sector, bans on rent bidding, limits on rental increases, and enhancements to renters’ privacy rights. Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon presented the bill, which also places more responsibility on property managers and owners for bond claims and establishes a standardized form for applying for rental homes.

One key aspect of the reforms is the requirement that renters’ personal information must be securely stored and disposed of within specified timeframes. The bill will also establish a rental sector code of conduct, provide a framework for agreeing on modifications in rental properties, and introduce a portable bond scheme to make renting more affordable and transparent.

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In addition, the reforms seek to stabilize rents by attaching a 12-month limit on rent increases to the property itself, rather than the tenancy. This change aims to give renters greater certainty and prevent sudden spikes in rental prices.

The bill also emphasizes the role of the Residential Tenancies Authority in enforcing these reforms and introduces mandatory continuing professional development for property agents to ensure they are up to date with the latest regulations.

Meaghan Scanlon highlighted the importance of these reforms in making renting “fairer, safer, and easier” for the approximately 600,000 households in Queensland that rent their homes.

Stage two of the government’s rental reforms comes after extensive consultation with stakeholders, renters, property owners, and advocacy groups to address key issues in the rental market.

Reactions to the Reforms

The Queensland Greens have called for additional measures in the reforms, such as rental caps and a “right to remain” for renters to prevent unjust lease terminations. Maiwar MP Michael Berkman criticized the government for not taking more substantial action on housing issues, warning that rents would continue to rise and more residents could face homelessness.

Meanwhile, an expansion of the Immediate Housing Relief for Families program aims to provide emergency accommodation to individuals and couples at risk of homelessness. Data released on social housing allocations shows both progress and ongoing challenges in meeting the demand for affordable housing in Queensland.

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