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### Rising Health Insurance Costs: A Single Parent’s Dilemma

I recently received notice that my employer’s health insurance costs for family coverage will increase from $433 per month to $909 as of July 1st. As a single parent with one child, this sudden spike is causing me significant financial strain.

#### AI Legalese Decoder to the Rescue

In this challenging situation, the AI Legalese Decoder can provide valuable assistance by analyzing the complex legal jargon and deciphering the language used in health insurance policies. By using this tool, I can gain a better understanding of the terms and conditions associated with the HSA plan being offered to me.

Unfortunately, my income is above the threshold to qualify for state health care plans, yet it falls short of comfortably affording the new $909 monthly premium. The alternative HSA plan option involves me paying $271 per month while my employer contributes $1,713.86. However, the maximum deductible per person has not been disclosed yet, with last year’s amount standing at $3,500 per person (I have two individuals to cover).

#### Making an Informed Decision

Given that we have monthly prescriptions and my son has recently started therapy sessions, it is likely that we will exceed the $3,500 deductible. In comparison, the $909/month plan offers a $35 deductible, allows for 8 prescriptions, and has a $3,000 annual maximum.

My employer also provides access to a well at work clinic for certain services at no cost, which could potentially offset some expenses. Despite these benefits, I am apprehensive about the out-of-pocket costs and have limited understanding of how the HSA plan operates.

#### AI Legalese Decoder Benefits

By utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder, I can gain clarity on the terms and benefits of the HSA plan. This tool will help me make an informed decision about which health insurance option would best suit my financial circumstances and healthcare needs.

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