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## Pre-sentencing and plea deal situation
I am currently in the pre-sentencing phase and considering a plea deal. I have been on house arrest for a year, feeling like my lawyer, whom I paid substantial money to, is not acting in my best interest. I fear that regardless of the outcome, I will be facing a year in jail with no credit for time served. This situation has taken a toll on me, leading to self-loathing as there is no victim in my case, only a police sting operation. The consequences of this ordeal have been severe, resulting in the loss of my job and the alienation of the people closest to me. At this point, I am at a loss and uncertain about how to proceed.

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## Devastating discovery
In a recent update, I learned that regardless of the plea bargain I choose, I will be placed on the registry for life. This news has left me devastated and feeling hopeless, as I now realize the lifelong implications of my actions. I am filled with deep regret and self-loathing, understanding that this outcome is a consequence of my own mistakes. The weight of this realization is overwhelming, and I am struggling to come to terms with the lifelong repercussions that await me.

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  • C0V1D2024

    Don’t focus on what could of been, what was, what will never be. All that thinking does nothing but self inflicted punishment.

  • sshea72

    I promise that you have NO IDEA how good your life can be! Trust me. Just keep doing the next right thing and you’ll get through it.

  • [deleted]

    Mine was a sting too. I was 20 at the time. 3 days jail, no prison. Lost all my friends some of my family looks at me funny. I had to quit college cuz I was going to school for law enforcement. People told me to kill myself and I haven’t kept a job since. I’m 25 now and I’m advice to you is the past is past. DO NOT LOOK BACK! Take one step at a time, one breath at a time, ONE DAY AT A TIME! Otherwise you ain’t gonna make it. Message me if you need me.

  • Minimum-Dare301

    Remember this: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. As hard it is if you do that each day it will build upon itself. See this as an opportunity to rebuild yourself into the person you want to be because you already know who you don’t want to be. You will be ok.

  • Strong_Ad_4819

    Your lawyer wasn’t acting in your best interest? That’s class VICTIM STANCE thinking. You have to own up to things. I had to learn introspection. I had to examine my thoughts and feelings. Yeah, something sure did make me feel something. But where was the cause born in the first place? What aroused those feelings? And were those feelings an appropriate response to reality, or some illusion I produced by years of self-deception? I had to stop the blaming game and own up to my behavior. Remember, you can’t control those thoughts, only manage them.

  • [deleted]

    The worst thing to do is catastrophize, believe me I am a master of this!! Try to fill your days with healthy hobbies, if you’re religious dive into The Word, read, listen to music, cook, there’s so much you can do to take your mind off it!!! Mine was also a police sting in which I didn’t even try to meet up, but I got a year prison for a first offense 2 F5s. Here if you need it and prayers are always available!!!

  • Mission_Surprise_226

    I feel you just make that one thing you do
    That will change everything things will never be the same again.

  • BobbyBeanBlossom

    You’re getting some sound advice. Stay as positive as possible, understand you are not alone, and realize you might possibly have a great future ahead of you. It must be a hard-fought battle, but it will only strengthen you. I became highly aware that once you are labeled negatively, you must prove how positive you can be. You cannot fake your way out of this nightmare, but you will wake up to a new sunrise and be much stronger despite it!

  • scarroll625

    I’m going to give you some advice right now. Stop saying there’s no victim. Every counselor, therapist, probation officer etc is not trying to hear that. You will have even MORE problems if you keep saying that. Someone who I met early on in my tenure told me to “just play the game”. They were words to live by.

  • maxxiescat

    sting ops piss me off. i’m so sorry for what’s happened to you and i’m sorry i don’t have the words to help. i hope things get better for you.

  • EconomistStandard865

    My fiance just started her 2 year sentence for being in a consensual relationship when she was 20 (now 32) with a 16 year old girl. She was about to be married to a man (we’re both women) and fighting her sexuality as we live in the deep south. She got divorced in 2021, was honest with him, and he went to the police with all the information he had. She’ll have to register upon her release and fight for custody of her 5 year old. There’s obviously a lot I could say about this, but all I’ll say is keep your head up. When you feel alone on your darkest days and your most quiet moments, you are not. For one, you have a God who loves you despite whether you believe in Him or not. He’s waiting for you to run to Him with His arms wide open. And if you’re not religious, that’s okay. Keep yourself busy and try not to think about the future, as you have no control in it. There will be a new day tomorrow. The sun will rise. You will be okay. Do not let this world, or the people in it, bog you down or try to tell you who you are – you know yourself best. I’ll never forget at one of her court dates, her attorney looked at her and said, “F*** ’em all. F*** the one’s who think they know you.” I’ll remember that forever.