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Live news: Eurozone trade deficit almost erased in May as energy costs fall

The Eurozone trade deficit saw a significant reduction in May as energy costs experienced a decline. This promising development indicates a potential recovery for the region’s trade balance. The fall in energy costs has played a crucial role in narrowing the deficit, and further progress is expected in the coming months.

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BlackRock Reports Earnings Friday. Shares Are Rising.

BlackRock, the renowned global investment management corporation, is set to release its earnings report on Friday. The anticipation surrounding this event has led to a surge in the company’s shares. Investors and analysts are closely monitoring the performance of BlackRock as it can have a significant impact on the broader market.

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BlackRock Assets Rise to $9.4 Trillion, Fueled by Bull Market

Driven by the bullish market conditions, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, witnessed a remarkable increase in its total assets, surpassing a staggering $9.4 trillion. This impressive growth showcases BlackRock’s strong performance and reinforces its position as a leading player in the investment industry.

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BlackRock’s profits jump as markets recover

BlackRock, a prominent player in the investment management sector, experienced a significant surge in profits as global markets began to recover from the economic downturn. This remarkable increase in profits reflects the company’s resilience and ability to navigate challenging market conditions effectively.

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BlackRock Earnings Beat Expectations but Net Inflows Fall Short

BlackRock’s recent financial results surpassed market expectations, demonstrating its strong performance and effective management strategies. However, despite the positive earnings, the net inflows into BlackRock fell short of projections.

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