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John Calipari Nearing Deal to Leave Kentucky for Arkansas

By Shams Charania, Dana O’Neil and Kyle Tucker

Kentucky head coach John Calipari, who has been with the school for 15 seasons, is reportedly close to finalizing a significant new agreement to depart from the Wildcats and become the next head coach of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, according to sources familiar with the situation who informed The Athletic.

Recent days have seen Razorbacks officials zero in on Calipari as their top choice for the head-coaching position, with their pursuit of him intensifying over the weekend, as per sources. However, as of Sunday night, no agreement has been officially reached.

One factor possibly influencing Calipari’s potential move to Arkansas is his relationship with John Tyson, a prominent Arkansas booster and heir to the Tyson Foods empire, whom Calipari has referred to as a “longtime friend.”

Although Calipari is currently under contract with UK until the 2028-29 season, he does not have a buyout clause if he chooses to leave early. In contrast, the school would have been required to pay Calipari $33 million if they had terminated his contract following this season.

The Cats’ recent performances in the NCAA Tournament, including a second first-round exit in three years, have sparked discussions in Lexington about the future of the program under Calipari’s leadership. Despite these challenges, Calipari, along with athletic director Mitch Barnhart, have publicly committed to working together to revitalize the program.

The emergence of interest from a fellow SEC team like Arkansas presents the possibility of a fresh start for Calipari, who has a highly-ranked recruiting class set to join the Wildcats. Notably, Calipari has a track record of taking top recruits with him when transitioning between coaching jobs.

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