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## Family Situation in Belgium

My wife and son are both English but we moved to Belgium when he was a baby. He is now 4 and about to start school. We have a baby with another woman and I am considering divorcing my wife. However, she has expressed that she will go back to England and potentially alienate our child if I move out. She has no family in the UK, whereas our son has aunts, cousins, and grandparents here in Belgium, as well as his baby brother now.

Can she legally take our child back to England and potentially prevent me from seeing him during vacations? This is a complex and emotionally charged situation that requires careful consideration and legal advice.

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  • TheS4ndm4n

    Not much you can do while you’re married to her. Technically she should have your permission to cross the border with your son. But that’s not enforced much.

    Get yourself a lawyer, a divorce and a custody agreement.

  • GeekyRedhead85

    I’m not a lawyer so I’m not sure for the actual custody bit of your question, but I was under the impression that leaving the country without the consent from the other parent would count as parental kidnapping? Especially if you raise the issue if she does leave with your child.
    I’d assume that would surely put custody things in your benefit?

    I have a crap relationship with my ex, but I could never imagine keeping my kids from seeing and knowing their dad. Sorry you have to deal with this.

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  • SpitePuzzleheaded177

    So you cheated on your wife, got someone else pregnant and now want to keep your child in your country even though you are in the wrong?

    Your wife probably has more opportunities in England and has no reason to stay in Belgium if you divorce her. She has all the right to try and take her child with her, the divorce definitely won’t go your way. You had time to cheat and not have your priorities straight, how will you convince a judge otherwise? You never had your child’s best interest in mind when you laid with another woman.

    Cut your losses and let your wife go with her child. You’ll probably get the vacations and be happy with that. You have to understand that you are the reason that you are now in this situation, it’s your doing. I hope she takes the child, for the child’s sake, because you only think about yourself and not what kind of impact your actions have on others.