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# Seeking Help with a Potential Legal Issue

Hi, I think I made a big mistake recently when I assisted someone in selling an expensive watch. The individual provided me with all the necessary information to facilitate the sale, but now I am concerned that the watch may have been stolen or counterfeit. I am feeling extremely anxious and unsure about how to proceed, and I am in urgent need of guidance and advice.

## Increasing Anxiety and Uncertainty

The situation started to appear suspicious only after the transaction had already taken place. I have a recording of the entire encounter, which could potentially serve as evidence that I was unaware of any wrongdoing. However, my lack of knowledge at the time has left me feeling overwhelmed and worried about potential legal repercussions.

## Financial and Legal Concerns

I do not have the financial resources to deal with the aftermath of this situation, and I am terrified of facing prosecution or imprisonment. The watch was sold through Facebook Marketplace on behalf of the original owner, but I currently feel completely helpless and unsure of how to navigate this challenging circumstance. Despite having no prior criminal record and being in a stable relationship, I find myself in a difficult position without access to legal representation.

## AI Legalese Decoder to the Rescue

In this distressing moment of uncertainty, the AI Legalese Decoder could provide invaluable assistance. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, I can gain clarity on the legal implications of my actions and receive expert advice on how to protect myself from potential consequences. The AI Legalese Decoder can analyze the recording of the transaction and help me understand my rights and responsibilities in this complex situation. This innovative tool could be a lifeline for me as I navigate the legal challenges ahead.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss my predicament with someone who can offer me the support and guidance I desperately need. Thank you for your assistance.

Speed-Dial AI Lawyer (470) 835 3425 FREE

FREE Legal Document translation

Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration


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FREE Legal Document translation

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  • greengrassgrows90

    how do you know it was stolen or fake ?

    did the customer reach out to you ?

  • CasualHearthstone

    You’re fine. Police aren’t going to put you in jail because you didn’t know it was stolen when you sold it. The buyer might lose his money and the watch if the police go after him for the stolen watch, but realistically no one will do anything.

  • jerry111165

    Why did you record it if you figured everything was cool?

  • Sanjuko_Mamajuloko

    So, is someone threatening you? Did they tell you it is fake or stolen and that they are going to the police? You used a lot of words to tell us absolutely nothing of value. A friend of yours wanted to sell a watch and they asked you to make a Marketplace post for them?

  • canamkyle

    It comes down to how reasonable it was for you to believe it wasn’t stolen. For example, if your buddy tells you he will sell you this new 4K TV for 100 bucks that usually goes for $3k, something is up.

    If it wasn’t reasonable but you still took it and possessed it.

    Over $5000 = Indictable Offence

    Under $5000 = Dual Procedural Offence