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## Seeking Assistance for Mental Health Claims

I claimed Anxiety, OCD, & PTSD this past winter after a steadily declining mental health. Going through my C&P exam, I broke down crying through most of it being asked questions about my life which I have been unpacking in therapy, a lot of trauma both pre/post military. Shortly after my C&P exam, my therapist gave me resources to get some exams done as she suspected something might be going on. After 3 months of going through a Neurologist/Psychiatric Center, I was diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, & level 1 Autism by a private psych doctor. That same week, I was denied on all my claims. I’m starting my long haul journey on getting in a better place mentally, and after my diagnosis I don’t think the military had a part in my OCD/Autism and I think they are right to deny them. But there are 2 deaths from my deployments I think about weekly that will disrupt my day, sleep, work, etc causing me anxiety, and the symptoms I have with OCD certainly don’t help. I have an incredibly difficult time navigating what is from my time in the military vs traumas outside of that.

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## Seeking Guidance and Support

I’m sorry for the word salad. I guess I’m looking for advice or maybe even reassurance for my claims, or if I am missing something in this process. Thanks for hearing me.

If you need further assistance or guidance on your mental health claims, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals or utilize resources like the AI Legalese Decoder to ensure you have all the information and support necessary to navigate this challenging situation. Remember, you’re not alone, and there are resources available to help you through this process.

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  • Ill_Worldliness_2281

    Step one remember the military didn’t have to cause the problem if they exasperated you rate disability for it, YOU deserve it. Next I would go to private doctor and ask them to write you a nexus letter connecting your mental health to the 2 deaths. Also make sure all the things in those 3 months you did go in as well, and then I would get to a VSO and they can help you word everything you need to put to make sure you get the rating you deserve.